Andy Milonakis dating

Andy Milonakis’s Girlfriend. Andy Milonakis is single. He is not dating anyone currently. Andy had at least 1 relationship in the past. Andy Milonakis has not been previously engaged. He is an only child. According to our records, he has no children. Like many celebrities and famous people, Andy keeps his personal and love life private. Andy Milonakis net worth. Andy Milonakis is a 43-year-old comedic performer, actor, voice actor and reality star from New York. He is best known for appearing on the Andy Milonakis show, a popular reality series on MTV. The man’s acting repertoire includes films like Extreme movie, who’s your Caddy, and Still Waiting. This story has it all: Adrian Grenier, former Bachelor contestants, Andy Cohen, a bush, and climate change. It all began way back in 2014, with season 16 Bachelor “winner” Courtney Robertson ... Andy Milonakis Dating? When it comes to his private life, Andy Milonakis keeps away from the public and media eye. However, he occasionally jokes about the topics relating to marriage and relationship on social media. He took Twitter to shared the news that he cheated on her girlfriend for a new pussy pocket. On 30-1-1976 Andy Milonakis was born in Katonah, New York. He made his 2 million dollar fortune with The Andy Milonakis Show. The tv-personality is currently single, his starsign is Aquarius and he is now 44 years of age. Being born on 30 January 1976, Andy Milonakis is 44 years old as of today’s date 12th September 2020. His height is 1.66 m tall, and weight is 88 kg. Career. Soon after Andy Milonakis’s video went viral, he went on to appear in two episodes of ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’ in 2005. In the same year, he went on to appear in his own show called ... Unfortunately, there is hardly any information about the family and private life of Andy Milonakis. Although Andy Milonakis is known for taking pictures with pretty girls, there is no information about his relationships. As far as we understand it is safe to say that Andy is still single. Rumors And Frequently Asked Questions About Andy Milonakis. Milonakis has been seen taking pictures with several women in the industry, but he says he is still single. He has never mentioned anything about his dating life. He hasn’t gotten any dating rumors either. Milonakis has joked about marriage in some of his interviews. Get the latest slate of new MTV Shows Jersey Shore, Teen Wolf, Teen Mom and reality TV classics such as Punk'd and The Hills. Visit to get the latest episodes and TV Airtimes. Who is he dating right now? According to our records, Andy Milonakis is possibly single. Relationships. We have no records of past relationships for Andy Milonakis.. About. Andy Milonakis is a 44 year old American Actor. Born Andrew Michael Milonakis on 30th January, 1976 in Katonah, New York, USA, he is famous for The Andy Milonakis Show in a career that spans 2003–present.

Twitch Streamer Reckful died - preserving the channel

2020.07.02 23:46 DownVoteBecauseISaid Twitch Streamer Reckful died - preserving the channel

Just a few hours ago it was comfirmed that Byron Bernstein aka Reckful died:
It is unknown, what might happen to the channel and the VODs/Highlights/Clips on it.
The only feasable way I see right now is using Twitch Leecher (Windows/.NET Framework 4.8)
There used to be better ways and if you know a way to streamline this process, I am all open ears.
Quality various over the years, VODs go back to 2016, Highlights to 2012. 1 hour is roughly .5gb minimum and might be 5-6x as high for the most recent stuff.
I'm trying my best with the highlights but skipping August 2014 as of now, because it contains full VODs. I currently don't have access to my main machines and am bottlenecked to 50mbits anyway and frankly I wouldn't have the capacity for the VODS..
If you can help or have any tips/know someone who could help, please feel free to contact them.
The channel is currently playing old Vods "Reruns" (activated by his moderators):
VODs: (750)
Highlights: (850)
Edit: I use this template in Twitch Leecher under preferences: {channel}{date}{id}_{title}
Edit2: It looks like JDownloader can download them as well (might have to install the ffmpeg plugin for it?).
If you want to archive a specific month, please leave a comment like VODs_2016_12 (year_month) so we can track the progress.
Crossposted to:
I will sleep now, I'll be back in a couple of hours.
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2019.08.20 05:08 j259awesome Numerical and A 1k-5k

0ad 0w0 0x10c 0x3642 0xbitcoin 0xcert 1000daysofpractice 100movies365days 100sets 100yearclub 101Wicca 1080pMoviesOnline 10mm 112263Hulu 1200Australia 1200realfood 12in12 12keys 12Monkeys 12thMan 13DaysofChristmas 13thage 14ers 150dips 15SecondStories 18650masterrace 18YEARDSOLD 1911fans 1920s 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s 1984 1984isreality 1985sweet1985 19KidsandCounting 19thworldproblems 1Broker 1laurenelizabeth 1Password 2000s 2000sMusic 2003CloneWarsMemes 200Situps 200Squats 200YearsAgo 2010sMusic 2012Elections 2016_elections 2016Elections 2016Protest 2018ACMAwardslive 2048 20questions 20XXstories 21CharactersAndNoMore 21DayFix 21savage 22lr 22PanelCringe 250r 2600 2ALiberals 2Bx9S 2d2 2dark4darkjokes 2deep4u 2edgy4me 2furryirl4furryirl 2HourTrackSundays 2kmyteam 2mad42mad42mad4madlad 2me4meirl 2ME_IRL4ME_IRL 2meirl 2meowirl4meowirl 2NE1 2panelgarfield 2redditors1cup 2saintsrow 2X_INTJ 2XLite 2XLookbook 300YearsAgo 300zx 30daysit 30Plus 30SecondsToMars 311 316cats 321 32ndworldproblems 333 333777 35mm 360Cameras 360hacks 360VR 360Waves 365PhotoProject 370z 3AMThoughts 3atatime 3BGROUP_SITE 3ch 3dprintdesigns 3Dprintedtabletop 3dprinters 3dprintingdms 3dscia 3dsgamenight 3DSThemeSwap 3healthbars 3meirl5meirl 3on3 3Percent 3spooky5me 400YearsAgo 40KillTeam 40kImperialKnights 40kinquisitor 420code 45chaos 477 49ersGamesUpdate 4acodmt 4chanarchy 4kUltraHD 4NEW 4newNetwork 4panelgold 4Runner_1stGen 4sentencegamereviews 4sentencemoviereviews 4xm 500YearsAgo 5050jokes 5050testSubreddit 505Nerds 50_50_SFW 50sMusic 50thWorldProblems 52books 52WeeksOfDesign 531Discussion 54thworldproblems 5555555 5by5DLC 5eFlavors 5nafcirclejerk 5sos 5thworldproblems 60FPS_Anime 60fpscats 60FpsGifs 65Grendel 6fpsPorn 6ix9ine 6lack 6Perks 704nascarheat 70s 70sdesign 72scale 7CupsofTea 7days2die 7DaystoDiePs4 7films 7String 7thSea 80s_sandwich 80sAlternative 80scartoons 80sCommercials 80sElectro 80sGameCovers 80sHardcorePunk 80sHipHop 83thegame 88mm 88Rising 8BallPool 8bit 8bitbookclub 8bitdo 8mm 8outof10cats 8rack 90sBabes 90sCommercials 90sNostalgia 90sPunk 90sRock 90sTrees 911fanart 911FOX 911memes 91fucking1 944 99rideau 99UVideos 9b9t 9Siscute 9x9

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2019.07.26 19:10 AdrianMojnarowski [OC] Every Player Referenced In A Song (3/30 Golden State Warriors)

I’ll be doing more of these soon
Previous Installments: ATL, LAL
Kevon Looney:
(Axel Leon) With the soul of a warrior
Bogut, Thompson a Warrior Break your back in a ball cap, buttoned jersey warrior Never knew these Kevon Looney fucking alternate warriors Til my biceps pop ultimate warrior.
-115k views on YouTube
-1 view on Genius
-Bar Fight is where underground artists perform on a stage with beats made by underground producers who switch the beats. This isn’t battle rap in the slightest, but two dudes who are just spitting separate verses. Toxsikk has a good verse, not memorable, but I really don’t want to check out his music because of how is name is spelled. Seriously, if you are trying to build a music profile, perhaps have a name that is unique, yet easy to spell. Axel Leon has an Action Bronson x Muhammad Ali type flow, and though he slurs some of his words (had to personally annotate parts of this), he is getting a second listen from me. The second beat is far inferior to the first beat they used.
(Quality: B)
Klay Thompson:
SONG: Migos-Call Casting
(Quavo) Klay Thomp, corner shot (brrr)
Eight-ball, corner pocket (ay)
White boys in the game (white)
Call 'em Andy Milonakis (yeah)
-98M views on YouTube
-446.2K views on Genius
-Klay Thompson can in the corner is a scary sight, as he can hit it on the run or while being draped by his defender. Takeoff starts this track off terribly, and the hook he brings is bad. I love Quavo’s verse and the Travis Scott inspired ad libs work really well on his verse. Offset spits a nice verse as well. Without Takeoff this would be a great track, but his poor performance makes this my least favorite track off of Culture.
(Quality: C-)
Jonas Jerebko:
SONG: cal scruby-brainwash
I'm KD you Jerebko I'm Brady and you Bledsoe Don't play me on the radio Play me on the headphones
-237k views on YouTube
-1 view on Genius
-This lyric is pretty self explanatory, KD is better than Jerebko at essentially everything. I listened to multiple Calvin Scruby songs and has a familiar, yet oddly distinct flow. Like a non incel version of Tom MacDonald mixed with JCole mixed with some Xanax. This song sounds like a song that would be played when they show the highlights of Game 1 and 2 before Game 3.
(Quality: B-)
Alphonzo McKinnie:
No mentions
Stephen Curry:
I'm ridin' through New York
Finna go and shoot New Jersey up
Tryna take my chain, I ain't goin'
We gon' come and blow New Jersey up
You want something? Hurry up
Boy, tryna to rob, bitch we 30'd up
Just left Volcano, bitch I'm Curry'd up
-33M views on YouTube
-801k views on Genius
-This is the second most popular reference behind Drake’s “I’ve been Steph Curry with the shot.” However, it’s more appropriate to compare Steph to Sosa because Chief Keef revolutionized hip hop at the level Steph did to basketball. Sosa arguably had the same influence as Tupac or Nas, bringing Chicago Drill into the mainstream. Steph Curry broke all perceived notions on how an NBA offense should be ran, inspiring almost every kid playing basketball today to shoot from further and further out. Faneto is one of the most hype tracks that could be thrown in a party or a funeral. The dark instrumental and the overall cadence that Keef brings can cause your apartment floor to collapse.
(Quality: A)
Jordan Bell:
SONG: BBY KODIE-Satisfaction I threw two million off a yacht Feel like Jordan Bell when I shot I'm on a roll finna pop-and-lock Fell like Huey momma let it drop
-955 views on YouTube
-1 view on Genius
-This line doesn’t quite make sense because Jordan Bell is not exactly known for his shooting, and throwing his entire salary off of a boat would be extremely stressful. This sample is far too loud, and if you can recognize you’ll feel somewhat embarrassed hearing it. Second time listening through it improved, when you ignore the obnoxious sample he has a good flow with some good lines. However, I listened to another three songs of his, and he uses an even more obvious Bloc-boy imitation flow. I do not endorse this man.
(Quality: D+)
Draymond Green:
SONG: Drake-Summer 6ixteen
And I blame where I came from And I blame all my day ones You know Chubbs like Draymond You better off not saying nothing.
-889K views on YouTube
-2.2M views on Genius
-This line basically says that Drake is Steph and his bodyguards protect him like Draymond. Drake is saying this after taking victory laps in his beef with Meek Mill. Drake comes in very hard in the 1st verse, and I enjoy his world play he used. In fact, his flow inspired one of the most popular Brockhampton songs STAR. His second verse though was pretty corny, emphasizing 30% of it saying that his pool is bigger than Kanye West’s pool, and DJ Khaled re iterating that Drake’s pool is indeed bigger than Kanye’s. Him singing the last syllable on every third line was kind of obnoxious.
(Quality: B)
Shaun Livingston:
SONG: G Herbo ft Lil Uzi Vert & Chance The Rapper-Everything (Remix)
(Chance The Rapper) Somersault, (nephew), you done been in every gang (yih, yih) Shaun Livingston, you done been on every team (yih, yih) Knew the game, still you gave that bitch a wedding ring (huh) I took her number, gave her NuvaRing And never rang, never give 'em everything
-6.3M views on YouTube
-34.2k views on Genius
-This line would be a room shaker in any battle rap scenario. Hint Livingston has played on 9 teams in his injury riddled career. G Herbo kills it with a really catchy verse and phones in his first verse. I know it’s the purpose of the song, but G-Herbo says everything every sixth word. Lil Uzi Vert’s verse is really dumb, but despite what any oldhead tells me, it’s really catchy. Chance absolutely murders this feature, and his rhyme scheme is insane.
(Quality: B)
Damion Lee:
No Mentions
Jacob Evans:
No Mentions
Andrew Bogut:
SONG: E-40-Choices (Yup)(Warriors Remix)
Ain't no stoppin' (Nope) Klay Thompson? (Yup) Under pressure, is he chokin'? (Nope) Do it big like Bogut? (Yup) Never let 'em tell us that we can't (Nope) Go hard like Barnes in the paint? (Yup) Never ever slowin' up the pace (Nope) Shoot a three-pointer in his face (Yup)
-2.2M views on YouTube
-13.5k views on Genius
-This track was made in before the 2015 Playoffs. E-40 is a Bay Area legend, and he pays homage to every player who played consistent minutes on the Warriors Championship Team. If you’ve never heard the OG Track, this song comes off very corny. If you aren’t a Warriors fan this song of course this song will be obnoxious to you, but if you are a Warriors fan I’m bumping this after every win.
(Quality: B-)
Marcus Derrickson:
D’Angelo Russell:
SONG: Fabolous-Panda (Remix)
Look, you ain't fam I don't trust you (Nephews) jam up your hustle Your own man want to crush you, that's a D'Angelo Russell
-904k views on YouTube
-9.6k views on Genius
-Referencing the time D’Angelo Russell exposed a video of his teammate Nick Young talking about cheating on his former girlfriend Iggy Azalea. D’lo has matured from this moment, but three years ago that line was sizzling. Fabolous is in the upper B tier of hip hop artists, and puts out numerous freestyles. He absolutely murders the remix.
(Quality: A-)
Willie Cauley-Stein:
SONG: Tracy Statik-Red Dot Sight
I be working in my zone Like I’m motherfucking Jim BoheimOkay Call me Willie Cauley-Stein In the motherfucking paint
-151 views on YouTube
-1 view on Genius
-This is one of the few good lines I could find on this song. For those who don’t watch college basketball, Jim Boheim’s 2-3 zone makes Syracuse a consistent NCAA Tournament team with their extremely difficult to break defense. This song takes the instrumental from my favorite Outkast song Aquemini and throws some forgettable lines throughout the first beat. Doesn’t do the instrumental any justice whatsoever. Second verse was actually pretty good, even mentions Whiteside (the goat) being underrated. Third verse started off somewhat nice, but ended up sounding like a failed attempt at a freestyle over an Xbox 360 mic in a dead party.
(Quality: D+)
Omari Spellman:
Glenn Robinson III:
Alec Burks:
Ky Bowman:
Jordan Poole:
Eric Paschall:
Alen Smailagic:
Chris Mullin:
SONG: Wale ft Lady Gaga-Chillin
And you be with the cops, you niggas is McLovin Dark liquor 'til we busted ’Til I got a buzz like that (nathan) Chris Mullin
-11M views on YouTube
-46.9K views on Genius
-This track samples “Kiss Him Goodbye,” and has Lady Gaga and Wale on the hook. Wale is well known for referencing many obscure athletes, and is a DC legend. The line is pretty nice, referring to Chris Mulin’s iconic buzz cut. The song was made in 2009, and you can tell it’s pretty dated. This is essentially a pop song. Very repetitive, kind of annoying, sample had a lot of potential wasted. Wale has some lines, and I love Wale, but this song is not very good.
(Quality: D)
Tim Hardaway:
SONG: Big Sean ft Meek Mill, 2 Chainz, Earlly Mac-Mula (Remix)
Don't fuck 'em around, boy I get money all day And I ball hard like Tim Hardaway I can see a bad bitch from far away Let her ride this dick cause I had a hard day
-343k views on YouTube
-80k views on Genius
-The hook is horrendous. It’s migraine inducing. Big Sean may have the worst ad libs of all time on this. And it happens like 4 times for some ungodly reason. And Big Sean is just slightly better than the hook. The Meek Mill feature is okay, 2 Chainz feature is not bad in the beginning, but finishes hard at the end. Earlly Mac does not save this track, and no idea who’s idea it was to throw him on this Remix. I hate this song so much. This Young Chop beat got wasted.
(Quality: D-)
Monta Ellis:
SONG: Lil Wayne-Street Chains
I turn into Freddy My fingers machetes Trap house jumpin' like Monta Ellis We trap out the 'telly when we outta town
-1.5M views on YouTube
-74.8k views on Genius
-The beat is amazing, and Lil Wayne switches and combos flows in quick succession. Lil Wayne has so many memorables and one liners on this, and this would make a cut on a top 10 Wayne songs list.
(Quality: A)
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2019.02.10 01:00 CupcakeGirl_ 2017-2019 recap Part 1

Not gonna lie, you can yikes all you want but watching the last IG vod made me a little bit emotional since I follow the guy from day one. This is what haters and doubters don't seem to understand. They don't understand the connection he made between him and the viewers. They don't understand the loyalty through the shit. I've never had such connection with Ice, Greek, T1, Mitch, Reckful or any other streamer who I followed through the years. As cringy as it sounds he was like a bro to many of us.
Anyway, heres a little bit of recap from someone who experienced most of it live.

Chapter 1: The Ramones Era Pre-Season 1

IMO, the best one of all. Everything around the community was completely different, Ice was different and of course that was the time when Brandon gave us some of the most legendary moments.
One of the first ever blvd streams with Ruben Sole
Epic stream. At the end Ruben got Ice evicted. That was the beginning of Brandon becoming the content king.
Triple date with Caroline, Camwepp, her SJW friend, Brandon, Ruben and Ice
"You are on the right track but the wrong train." Nuff said.
Duo stream with Ice and eviction party
Heres when the legendary catchphrase "Fuck the 4th floor" was born.
Ice and Brandon going to a frat party, the College Andy stream
Take that shit back to San Fran!!

Chapter 2: Brandon becoming a streameSeason 1 of the Hampton Brandon's show

Most new people in the community may not know but Brandon didn't had any intensions to become a streamer when he met Ice. However, after the content he provided on his stream there were a lot of petitions on reddit so he decided to give it a try... rest is history.
Side characters from his stream around that time - Abdul and Sarah from Yogi dog, Hampton Maya, Obie, Fredo, Ricky1k, Evil Brandon, Mac, Smurf, Scuffed Weekend, Cole, Hollywood kid, Christy, Andy Milonakis, Dankquan, Aaron.
Noticeable highlights since all vods are gone:
The legendary San Bernandino stream
Introducing Christy to the script
Twitchcon 2017
I skipped through a lot of stuff but its hard to think about it when everything is gone and I have to use only my memories lol. Basically, every stream felt like an IRL GTA simulator filled with tons of content and unpredictability but those 3 were the main ones, IMO.
Random Cool Stuff:
Brandon getting in random persons car on the boulevard
Methead thot getting Brandon almost banned
I'll continue with the later chapters tommorow if I have a time. Meanwhile you can post links with stuff from that period, the goal is to make one mega thread with everything :)
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2018.10.03 07:32 MilkThyPeg Growing up gullible (#250)

For whatever reason, earlier today I was thinking about some old TV shows I watched on MTV; they were all the crappy dating type shows and whathaveyou from the mid-2000s. I have no idea why elementary school year old me watched them with my brother, but we liked them for whatever reason. I'm talking about Next, Parental Control, Room Raiders, Date My Mom, Exposed, and some non-dating shows like Run's House, Yo Momma, The Andy Milonakis Show, Pimp My Ride, Viva La Bam, High School Stories, Rob & Big, and Made.
When I watched those shows as a little kids, I 100% believed everything that was happening on them was real and not scripted. Thinking back at the shows, there's no way any of them (except maybe Run's House and Rob & Big, but even them who knows) were completely legit, if legit at all. I never doubted or questioned how these shows had such amazing live feeds to remote locations or how there were so many people with such over the top toxic qualities.
I just looked up Parental Control and in less than five minutes in it was overly cringey with everything. I have no idea why I liked those shows.
At least we can all agree that Jersey Shore was garbage and no amount of time can redeem it
What was something you were gullible about growing up?
Is there something you're happy that it got "left behind" in a certain year? Is there something you wish could be brought back?
What's the most ridiculous thing you saw on television/video?
This is post #250 out of 365 300something with my goal to have a conversation on here every day of 2018. Feel free to comment on anything I said, answer my questions, or just talk freely about yourself even if it doesn't relate to the post. I'm here to chitchat.
It's been [8] days since I last missed a post
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2018.07.26 03:29 swack_ Ice has enough clout and MTV is desperate enough to give him his own dating show like Flavor Flav. Andy Milonakis could pitch it to MTV producers. [/u/CroggerPlib / Ice_Poseidon]

Ice has enough clout and MTV is desperate enough to give him his own dating show like Flavor Flav. Andy Milonakis could pitch it to MTV producers. [CroggerPlib / Ice_Poseidon] submitted by swack_ to Andy_Milonakis [link] [comments]

2018.07.26 03:29 swack_ Ice has enough clout and MTV is desperate enough to give him his own dating show like Flavor Flav. Andy Milonakis could pitch it to MTV producers. [/u/CroggerPlib / Ice_Poseidon]

Ice has enough clout and MTV is desperate enough to give him his own dating show like Flavor Flav. Andy Milonakis could pitch it to MTV producers. [CroggerPlib / Ice_Poseidon] submitted by swack_ to Andy_Milonakis [link] [comments]

2018.03.01 14:00 autobuzzfeedbot 21 Shows MTV Needs To Revive ASAP

  1. Next (2005-2008)
  2. The Blame Game (1998-2000)
  3. Date My Mom (2004-2006)
  4. From G's to Gents (2008-2009)
  5. America's Best Dance Crew (2008-2015)
  6. Paris Hilton's My New BFF (2008-2009)
  7. High School Stories (2003-2006)
  8. Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County (2004-2006)
  9. The Hills (2006-2010)
  10. Lip Service (1992-1994)
  11. Daria (1997–2001)
  12. Engaged and Underage (2007-2008)
  13. Guy Code (2011-2015)
  14. Girl Code (2013-2015)
  15. Parental Control (2006-2010)
  16. Singled Out (1995-1998)
  17. The Andy Milonakis Show (2005-2007)
  18. MTV's MADE (2002 - present) [Last episode premiered in 2014]
  19. When I Was 17 (2010-2011)
  20. Punk'd (2003-2012)
  21. Pimp My Ride (2004-2007)
Link to article
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I will try to keep this brief. This year, the year of our lord (papa bless) 2018, I decided I wanted to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone and really put myself out there; I am attempting to go on at least 10 dates this year. To some this may seem a simple task but for me, someone who hasn't been on a date in over a year and struggles with the act, this is monumental. So I hoping to pique the interest of at least some women in my area and see if I can rise to the occasion and, hopefully along the way, meet some lovely people and possibly make a real connection. So, without further ado, my credential:
-My name is Colin. I am 5'6", is height matters to you, very Irish, very freckled, very brown hair. I have green eyes and wear glasses because I hate the idea of poking my eyes every morning just to be able to see properly. I am a bit squishier than usual after the holidays, weighing in just shy of 155lbs, if you use the metric system I am unsure of the conversion. -I am an artist and work 2 part-time jobs to sustain that particular passion. I am freshly out of college at 22 years of age so my inhibitions are low, my student loan debt is high, and my will to live is somewhere in between. -I like video games, a lot, but like not to the point where it's a problem. I'm a social creature and hate staying inside all day unless its for a movie marathon and those movies are all 3 Ace Ventura films, yes I'm including the Andy Milonakis one. I also love acting and performing in any nature really, though I've been short on time an opportunity for such things since leaving college. I also enjoy cooking and baking so... you know.
This is just a taste of the frosting on the cake of impressiveness that is me. So if you managed to read all the way to this point, bless your heart and thank you and please feel free to message me! I'd love to chat, maybe exchange numbers or fan theories on Baby Loony Tunes, or just get to know one another. Hope to hear form you soon!
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2018.01.11 03:29 ManlyFacade 22 [M4F] Philadelphia/Delaware County Area - THE NIGHT SKY BURNS RED WITH THE FIRES OF HELL, STOKED BY THE IMMEASURABLE GREED OF MAN: the musical

I'm back and looking for any responses at all this time!
I will try to keep this brief. This year, the year of our lord (papa bless) 2018, I decided I wanted to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone and really put myself out there; I am attempting to go on at least 10 dates this year. To some this may seem a simple task but for me, someone who hasn't been on a date in over a year and struggles with the act, this is monumental. So I hoping to pique the interest of at least some women in my area and see if I can rise to the occasion and, hopefully along the way, meet some lovely people and possibly make a real connection. So, without further ado, my credential:
-My name is Colin. I am 5'6", is height matters to you, very Irish, very freckled, very brown hair. I have green eyes and wear glasses because I hate the idea of poking my eyes every morning just to be able to see properly. I am a bit squishier than usual after the holidays, weighing in just shy of 155lbs, if you use the metric system I am unsure of the conversion. -I am an artist and work 2 part-time jobs to sustain that particular passion. I am freshly out of college at 22 years of age so my inhibitions are low, my student loan debt is high, and my will to live is somewhere in between. -I like video games, a lot, but like not to the point where it's a problem. I'm a social creature and hate staying inside all day unless its for a movie marathon and those movies are all 3 Ace Ventura films, yes I'm including the Andy Milonakis one. I also love acting and performing in any nature really, though I've been short on time an opportunity for such things since leaving college. I also enjoy cooking and baking so... you know.
This is just a taste of the frosting on the cake of impressiveness that is me. So if you managed to read all the way to this point, bless your heart and thank you and please feel free to message me! I'd love to chat, maybe exchange numbers or fan theories on Baby Loony Tunes, or just get to know one another. Hope to hear form you soon!
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2018.01.05 01:42 ManlyFacade 22 [M4F] Philadelphia/Delaware County Area - HELP ME FULFILL MY NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION: 10 Dates in 12 Months

I will try to keep this brief. This year, the year of our lord (papa bless) 2018, I decided I wanted to challenge myself to step out of my comfort zone and really put myself out there; I am attempting to go on at least 10 dates this year. To some this may seem a simple task but for me, someone who hasn't been on a date in over a year and struggles with the act, this is monumental. So I hoping to pique the interest of at least some women in my area and see if I can rise to the occasion and, hopefully along the way, meet some lovely people and possibly make a real connection. So, without further ado, my credential:
-My name is Colin. I am 5'6", is height matters to you, very Irish, very freckled, very brown hair. I have green eyes and wear glasses because I hate the idea of poking my eyes every morning just to be able to see properly. I am a bit squishier than usual after the holidays, weighing in just shy of 155lbs, if you use the metric system I am unsure of the conversion. -I am an artist and work 2 part-time jobs to sustain that particular passion. I am freshly out of college at 22 years of age so my inhibitions are low, my student loan debt is high, and my will to live is somewhere in between. -I like video games, a lot, but like not to the point where it's a problem. I'm a social creature and hate staying inside all day unless its for a movie marathon and those movies are all 3 Ace Ventura films, yes I'm including the Andy Milonakis one. I also love acting and performing in any nature really, though I've been short on time an opportunity for such things since leaving college. I also enjoy cooking and baking so... you know.
This is just a taste of the frosting on the cake of impressiveness that is me. So if you managed to read all the way to this point, bless your heart and thank you and please feel free to message me! I'd love to chat, maybe exchange numbers or fan theories on Baby Loony Tunes, or just get to know one another. Hope to hear form you soon!
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2017.09.30 19:52 Kibitzing Reckful Timeline

If you want something added or i have a date wrong let me know. I'll do the 2017 stuff later or someone else can do it and i'll update it
2012-05 - gets carried by hyped and talb to beat diablo 3 inferno 2012-06 - first stream? 2012-09 - "most unfair game" video. mists of pandaria release. 2012-11 - neighbor play's guitar. goes to china and casts a wow pvp finals with conrad. conrad sings bubblepop? 2012-12 - first time playing guitar on stream. vegas with hafu and mia rose. mia rose and gary visit his parent's house. anticide rank 1 video.
2013-01 - "stay cool warcrafters." pam visits. jenna rage video. eu shadow priest? 2013-02 - amhai donates $10000 2013-03 - uses pet battles leveling exploit to get max level in wow. starts playing sylents. gandalf epic sax? farmer song starts? 2013-04 - starts playing aquaniqua. fishing with mitch and 1 pound fish? 2013-05 - starts playing wusteaks. beats soda in 1v1? 2013-06 - america's next cdew with bobjob? 2013-07 - moves into skill capped house with talb, sodah, and ven 2013-08 - starts playing hearthstone 2013-09 - jenna visits skill capped house. soda kisses lea and jackie on stream. soda starts dating lea. fails first eating challenge (1/2 gallon of ice cream) 2013-11 - misses lethal
2014-06 - meets maranda 2014-07 - moves to new house with talb and sodah. reckful calls and tries to get a refund on strippers that he ordered to the house. 2014-08 - 3s with morbejenna. makes out with morber on stream while talb watches. rodger dodger 59 with mitch 2014-09 - barry boys starts? 2014-10 - lost 123k from gtat going bankrupt. wine tasting streams. ashley (stripper) does pole dancing. 2014-11 - warlords of draenor release. tries to level while getting really drunk with talb? and jenna? 2014-12 - banned from wow for account sharing
2015-01 - meets blue at pax south. chat gets her to come back and kiss him. 2015-02 - goes on dates with blue. audio_81 sings for them. barry banned for harassing blondiewonde and then ddosed the twitch ceo. 2015-03 - jenna breakup offstream and post-breakup fight onstream. "i'm just bored of you" 2015-06 - visits israel with blue 2015-07 - reckful gets in trouble at archon hearthstone tournament for saying "rape" and not paying attention to matches 2015-09 - archon hearthstone finals: kissed mira while sexing blue. forsen touches blue's tits while reckful has sex. trump sees blue's tits. mariostone with talb. twitchcon: blue puts makeup on reckful's bald spot. plays poker with elky and others. blue gets upset and they almost breakup. 2015-10 - blue breaks up with reckful and tries to be friends with jenna and maranda 2015-11 - blizzcon: blue kisses trainwrecks. hearthstone simple math problem videos. masturbates while streaming and chat gets talb to walk in. lost luggage flying to germany for seatstory cup iv. 2015-12 - exposes massan for viewbotting. "I'm not fucking lying." K3Krew haHAA. Mitchstone starts? Mitch's chat finds stpeach and reckful starts talking to her. Slotfather and greedy goblins gamba streams
2016-01 - celeste steals charger. soda and mitch drama. "gamers hate women" 2016-02 - mitch starts talking to mira. mira calls reckful rapeful. overwatch closed beta. 2016-03 - reckful visits mira in vegas with andy milonakis. meets k3 too? 41 nuggets challenge 2016-04 - dating blue again and buys her a 30k car. gets a blowjob at soda's house. wins 6k bet vs reynad on talb vs frodan in smash 2016-05 - blue breakup. luna and mitch visit for dreamhack austin. sex with luna while streaming. kisses mitch. overwatch release. 2016-06 - reckful and mira visit mitch. mitch and mira start dating. faze bald. 3.5 burgers EleGiggle 2016-07 - pokemon go with mitch, toe, yoni, jenna, and mira. reckful visits blue on mitch's birthday. gets hair transplant. jackie and talb move out. reckful was going to join northern gaming but changed his mind. 2016-08 - bronze in league of legends and mitch fallout. bans haHAA emote 2016-09 - reckful on cbs eating broccoli with gachi in chat 2016-10 - twitchcon with kellyjean and stpeach. gets super drunk. gets gold in league solo 2016-11 - blizzcon: reckful slaps trainwrecks and gets slapped back. barry tanks two punches from trainwrecks. Blue steals Byron's shoes so he spends time with her. moves into downtown apartment with brother toe because his internet lagged while playing league. never played league again.
stuff i can't find date of from the wow days: reckful quit streaming for several months b/c he was" too rich and people expected too much of him " reckful proposed to jenna while jackie was in his room probably a lot more
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2017.04.25 01:59 HailCorporateRobot Ads for 2017-04-24 (1 / 2)

Subreddit Title Brand
todayilearned TIL Microsoft paid 75 million dollars to Rockstar games in order to get Grand Theft Auto IV on their Xbox 360 and prevent from being exclusive to Sony's PlayStation 3 Microsoft
todayilearned TIL Microsoft paid 75 million dollars to Rockstar games in order to get Grand Theft Auto IV on their Xbox 360 and prevent from being exclusive to Sony's PlayStation 3 Xbox
movies Fast 9 Poster Posted on Tyrese's verified Facebook page Facebook
worldnews Why Rome sends trains filled with rubbish to Austria - BBC News BBC
AskReddit SeriousFor background check, how to contact Walmart for employment verification from 12 years ago for company bought by WalMart? Walmart
LifeProTips LPT Wells Fargo automatically "readjusts" lowers your monthly student loan payments if you've made significant steps to lower your overall principle. This means the more you begin to pay, the lower your payments become automatically, but for longer and with more interest. Wells Fargo
mildlyinteresting My Taco Bell sauce packet didn't have anything written on it. Bell
AskReddit You've been elected as the 45th president of the United States; however, you must adopt one of the previous 44 presidents' policies, whose do you choose? United
WritingPrompts WPA character is evicted from home but, rather than being homeless, hangs about in IKEA all day and hides in the toilets from the caretaker. Describe their life. IKEA
todayilearned TIL that AT&T does not prorate your final bill and you need to cancel at the end of the billing cycle to avoid unnecessary charges. AT&T
videos A Man Try's Starbucks Unicorn Frap. Starbucks
AskReddit Are there any other notable corporate whoring examples like when Peyton Manning hugged Papa John and said he was going to drink Budweiser in the moments following the Broncos Superbowl win? Budweiser
funny Suggestions to make United flights more miserable from my filmmaker friend United
videos A regular guy reviews the 1995 Mazda Miata... and slowly loses it Mazda
personalfinance Investing in Target Date Funds outside of retirement accounts Target
AskReddit If you could pick two people to be president and vice president of the United States who would you choose? United
funny The Target near me put Mario and Luigi sleeves over the big red balls Target
mildlyinteresting This Xbox ad at my local Walmart was printed without green ink Walmart
mildlyinteresting This Xbox ad at my local Walmart was printed without green ink Xbox
Showerthoughts The most embarrassing thing about my Internet History is how many times I've ​had to Google the Grams to Ounces Ratio Google
videos 'Hit me': American Airlines worker challenges passenger in fight over stroller American Airlines
videos Crappy Design - 2012 Honda Console Honda
videos How was the Google Search Engine in 1980 Google
funny Samsung responds to fan on Twitter concerning dick pic taken with Galaxy S8 Twitter
movies Fast 9 poster from Tyrese Gibsons Facebook page featuring Matt Damon Facebook
movies Fast 9 poster from Tyrese Gibsons Facebook page Facebook
todayilearned TIL Uber may have been tracking my iPhone even after I deleted the app Uber
videos The Impossible Dove Tail Box Dove
AskReddit What famous person has blocked you on Twitter and why? Twitter
news Tim Cook reportedly threatened to pull Uber from App Store Uber
news Richard Simmons Writes Post-Hospitalization Facebook Update Facebook
pics From our local autocross yesterday. Ford Focus driver goes hard. Ford
tifu TIFU by not knowing enough about how eBay works. eBay
funny Saw this in a college parking lot. Student slapped a BMW logo where his Toyota echo used to be. Toyota
funny Saw this in a college parking lot. Student slapped a BMW logo where his Toyota echo used to be. BMW
photoshopbattles PsBattle: Miguel Ibarra, Minnesota United Soccer Player, About To Score A Goal United
aww Pip the Orange Tabby Sneezes and Stays! Orange
news North Korea 'detains American citizen' - BBC News BBC
worldnews North Korean university names detained US citizen - BBC News BBC
DIY I want to be able to change the hue and color of my room lights whenever I want. What are my options? Philips hue? 🔌💡💡🔦 Philips
Music Le'Veon Bell Juice - Machine Hip Hop; star Steelers running back drops his first music video Bell
science An international team of scientists has found that up to 20% loss in the annual maximum amount of water contained in the Western United States' mountain snowpack in the last three decades is due to human influences United
funny If Car Commercials Were Honest - Honest Ads BMW Ford Toyota Chevrolet Parody Toyota
funny If Car Commercials Were Honest - Honest Ads BMW Ford Toyota Chevrolet Parody Ford
funny If Car Commercials Were Honest - Honest Ads BMW Ford Toyota Chevrolet Parody Chevrolet
AskReddit Why or why not should dueling be legal in the United States? United
news Infosys, TCS, Cognizant violating H-1B visa norms: US official - Times of India Cognizant
videos One of the All Time Greats - Porsche Carrera GT Porsche
AskReddit How many people could the United States feasibly support and remain sustainable? United
funny Hope a white Ford Fusion doesn't pull up... Ford
AskReddit To those who saw it in the theaters. What was the audience reaction to when Paul Bart Mall cop figured out the Kent was in cahoots with Simms? Kent
food Homemade Stuffed Bell Peppers Bell
videos Just learned that Youtube chef Aunt Fee died of a heart attack a few weeks ago. Her video making sweet treats for the kids always makes me laugh. Youtube
DIY Rebuilt the engine from my old Toyota pickup Toyota
mildlyinteresting This Starbucks bathroom has the light switch on the ceiling. Starbucks
AskReddit Time Travelers of reddit: what is a historical event large or small that you altered to produce the outcome that we all know, and what have you altered that we won't see 'till the future? Travelers
space 2017 BMW R NineT Racer Review – First Ride BMW
Showerthoughts If you combine John Donne's "For Whom the Bell Tolls" with "The Polar Express," the narrator's story becomes a lot more grim and sinister. Bell
mildlyinteresting The black mark on the edge of the chair looks like the Nike Swoosh logo Nike
AskReddit How much does an Apple cost in the place you live? Apple
movies Ghost in the Shell 2017 Shell
AskReddit How does one find true love in a Walmart parking lot? Walmart
AskReddit Has Anybody Ever Been To A "Big Time" Magic Show That Was A Failure? Did You Discover Any Secrets To Common Magic Tricks? Discover
news Outsider Macron sets sights on presidency - BBC News BBC
pics Pack of Jack Links I found at Walmart today Walmart
Art Last life, Apple pencil, 4"x3" Apple
Showerthoughts I get frustrated because I can't Google things that haven't happened yet. Google
worldnews Australian Senator Is Calling For A Total Ban On Muslim Immigration, Mosques And Burkas Total
pics The birthplace of Apple Computer. In 1976 Apple
Jokes BREAKING NEWS: After threatening to nuke the United States, Kim Jong Un committed suicide United
pics San Jose airport just above an Airbus 321 engine before landing at SFO Airbus
food Homemade A quick 5 hour beer Papago Orange Blossom can chicken in the smoker Orange
AskReddit Who are your favorite amateur Youtube cover singers? Youtube
worldnews Afghan defence chiefs resign over deadly Taliban attack - BBC News BBC
television Top Gear America - Coming this Summer to BBC America BBC
WritingPrompts IP Sky Taxi Express... Sky
worldnews A Saudi Arabian charitable foundation says it will give $US50 million to the United Nations children's agency to help eliminate measles, the largest private donation ever to UNICEF's efforts United
Jokes Snow White once spilled Sprite on herself Sprite
worldnews Russian company of 5 people gets $140m contract from Gazprom on construction of gas pipeline to China Gazprom
pics How to make an American angry seen at Zurich Airport Zurich
aww My Sweet Cat Looking To Sky For Her Girlfriend Sky
worldnews Stricter punishments for speeding offences in England and Wales - BBC News BBC
funny Saw this on "Tasty's" Facebook page..#DickButt Facebook
listentothis Grizzrivers & Melaniac - When I'm On Feat. Chase Murphy Hip-Hop 2017 Chase
worldnews Disgraced British PR firm, Bell Pottinger, EXPOSED for stoking racial tension in South Africa with "White Monopoly Capital" propaganda! Bell
videos Andy Milonakis Gets His ID Turned Down By CVS From Buying Nicorette Gum CVS
mildlyinteresting Did Yahoo News completely miss the point of this tweet? Yahoo
pics This is Levi Draheim. He is suing the President of the United States because Donald Trump's climate change policies are going to destroy the beaches he loves. United
Showerthoughts Going from Time Warner Cable to Spectrum feels like going from Kim Jong-il to Kim Jong-un Time Warner Cable
Jokes I got an e-mail saying, "At Google Earth, we can read maps backwards!" Google
news Venezuela's President Maduro calls for talks with opposition - BBC News BBC
news Uber's Kalanick got caught for tricking Apple, risking expulsion from Apple Store, report says Apple
Futurology Driverless cars trial set for UK motorways in 2019 - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Glasses wearing Redittors, what are your experiences using the Google cardboard VR thing? Google
todayilearned TIL that Facebook needs just 300 likes to predict your personality better than your spouse Facebook
mildlyinteresting This Honda with a shopping cart and a blow up doll attached to it. Honda
Showerthoughts It's crazy how many multi billion dollar companies rely on Apple and Microsoft. Apple
todayilearned TIL By the time a person in the United States is 65 years old, he would have seen an estimated two million television commercials United
AskReddit Which people will he keep out of the United States? United
food Dutch Apple Puff "Pie" with cinnamon/sugar & maple syrup Homemade Apple
AskReddit What makes Alfred Romeo and Fiat unreliable? Fiat
Futurology Daimler starts deliveries of Mercedes-Benz energy storage units for private homes - "Up to eight battery modules with an energy content of 2.5 kWh each can be combined to produce an energy storage unit with a capacity of up to 20 kWh." Mercedes-Benz
television Bigheads: The new UK game show from ITV where contestants compete in American Gladiators/Wipeout-style challenges wearing oversized, Spitting Image-like celebrity heads ITV
personalfinance Looking for alternative to Google Finance for portfolio trackingZA Google
AskReddit Why is that McDonald's doesn't sell hotdogs? McDonald's
pics My wife read one of those Facebook things about putting the core of Romaine Lettuce in water. Here is its progress from 6 Apr to 24 Apr. We're going to transfer it to dirt soon. I'll update this if we're successful. Facebook
Showerthoughts Every weekend, Costco becomes a soup kitchen for people with homes. Costco
AskReddit Audio Technica AT2020 or Blue Yeti? Which one is the best for Youtube videos and Composing Songs? Youtube
WritingPrompts WP The British government begins to enforce the rule that it is treason to stop the Royal Mail doing their job. As such, postmen become the most feared people in the country. Royal Mail
TwoXChromosomes 46 Countries Offer Free Contraceptives but Not The United States. United
videos Nat & Friends: Google Earth Sneak Peek Google
food Homemade Apple Cider Jam Apple
AskReddit What will daily life be like in 22nd century United States? United
pics This is the view from the Pizza Hut balcony in Egypt. Pizza Hut
todayilearned TIL: In the 1980's, Colgate launched a beef lasagne frozen TV dinner. Colgate
Showerthoughts I wish Adobe would do away with their loading screens. They slow me down more than add any benefits. Adobe
gaming What am I missing here? Original Xbox, Microsoft controllers but they aren't the same shape plugs. Microsoft
personalfinance Accidentally injured an old lady while storing items in the overhead bin on Southwest Airlines Southwest
photoshopbattles PsBattle: Burger King employee and her gallon of water. Burger King
GetMotivated Will Smith about fear of Sky Diving video Sky
AskReddit Have you purchased anything from a Facebook sponsored post? What was it, and what did you think of the item? Facebook
gaming Retro Gaming Ep 24: Chase HQ Classic Retro Gaming Chase
gaming I got lucky at Target today! Target
mildlyinteresting My Sony headphones look like they say "Anus" Sony
funny When the Twitter Fake account game is on point Twitter
personalfinance Someone called me trying to sell an extended car warranty - Is this a scam? Omega Auto Care Omega
gaming "The Skin Trade" broadcast today on BBC Radio 4 30 mins BBC
movies Do you think Fire in the Sky should have gotten an R-rating? Sky
todayilearned TIL that the original Apple computer was priced at $666.66 because it was exactly a one-third markup and Steve Wozniak liked repeating digits. Apple
funny Chris Pratt doing dialogue and talking dirty to a bacon sandwich on BBC Radio 1 BBC
television The BBC will air a “bold and provocative” season of LGBT programming to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the partial decriminalisation of homosexuality BBC
AskReddit Non-Americans of Reddit, what is your opinion of what United States has become? United
Music Shleezo - Uber Everywhere Remix Music Video Rap 2017 Uber
gaming Mp7 tdm slums Xbox one backwards compatibility Xbox
pics All Google logo's put together Google
worldnews Macron Campaign Was Target of Cyber Attacks by Spy-Linked Group Target
AskReddit What name did you tell Starbucks to write on your coffee cup because you thought it would be funny? Starbucks
AskReddit Couples who have joint Facebook accounts: Why? Facebook
AskReddit Do you ever resist or back away from stating your true opinion about something on Reddit or Facebook because you are afraid what all the friends will think? Facebook
AskReddit Serious Under what circumstances, if any, has the current president of the United States used a screwdriver? United
funny Seen in Lidl this afternoon. Sounds like shitty chocolate! Lidl
movies Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o are up for starring in the film Twitter made up Twitter
funny OMG I love my New Apple AirPods! Apple
gaming Where to buy cheap Xbox 360 controllers? Xbox
gaming This Walmart still sells the GTA Trilogy for PS2 Walmart
mildlyinteresting This ball at Target is painted to be Mario's head Target
movies Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o movie conjured up on Twitter - BBC News BBC
movies Rihanna and Lupita Nyong'o movie conjured up on Twitter - BBC News Twitter
news Mexican Cartels Use Ford Fusions to Smuggle Marijuana into Minnesota Ford
todayilearned TIL that in 1978 a entire Ferrari was unearthed near someones home. It had been "stolen" and left for retrieval at a later date. Ferrari
AskReddit Eaters of Reddit, What is Your Subway Masterpiece? Subway
videos CGP Grey Explains how Youtube Advertising/Monetization works Youtube
Music Dance Gavin Dance - Tree Village - Experimental Progressive Post-Hardcore 2009 Progressive
EarthPorn Sunset at Island in the Sky Canyonlands National Park. OC 3000x2400 Sky
videos Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial with young Alfonso Robeiro Pepsi
news Kenny G delights/tortures Delta passengers mid-flight Delta
funny I saw this ad for a "blackhead remover" on Facebook and was instantly reminded of Peyton Manning for some reason Facebook
nottheonion Airlines’ bad month continues as Kenny G plays concert on Delta flight Delta
worldnews ISIS threaten to behead hacker who planted porn on 250 jihadi Twitter accounts Twitter
space An Aurora Called 'Steve'? Strange Sky Phenomenon Investigated Sky
OldSchoolCool Me, my boy's husky jeans thanks, mom,my ice melt, and our 1969 Volvo Amazon in the blizzard of '96 Volvo
Showerthoughts A stranger at Walmart just coughed in my face, so I've probably only got two, maybe three, days to live. Walmart
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How does a company like Uber at this stage in their life lose 3 billion dollars? Uber
television Do you think our teens and young adults are becoming so overdramatic because of MTV and the media, or do you think the media is just a reflection of people's ever increasing need to cause drama? MTV
AskReddit Why do you think that the United States is an Eldorado? Why not? United
history What were Winston Churchill's Politics like Outside of the War Efforts? Winston
funny If the Starbucks Unicorn Frappucino was a person. Starbucks
OldSchoolCool Former Manchester United manager Louis Van Gaal as Assistant Manager for Ajax, back in 1988 United
AskReddit Serious redditors who use the Microsoft Edge browser, what made you switch? and what browser did you use before you switched? Microsoft
news H-1B visa: TCS, Infosys accounted for only 8.8% of total H-1B visas: Nasscom Infosys
AskReddit Serious What would it take for the United States to completely adopt the metric system? United
funny I got a Google Home and I'm not sure if this is how it's supposed to work 🤔 Google
pics Minor Earth, Major Sky OC Sky
worldnews Police ID Victims From Fatal Crash on United Stated 23 United
listentothis Slot Machine -- Sky Burning Stars Modern Rock / Alternative Rock 2017 Sky
Music Hip hop - House remixes like Danny Dove - Ridin Dirty Dove
worldnews Le Pen 'steps aside' as party leader - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL luxury brand Gucci was founded in 1921 by Guccio Gucci Gucci
todayilearned TIL Facebook provides 58 as identified by ABC news gender options for its users Facebook
todayilearned TIL Facebook provides 58 as identified by ABC news gender options for its users ABC
worldnews France elections: Le Pen 'steps aside' as party leader - BBC News BBC
AskReddit What are some must-take items for a road trip across the United States? United
Music An Endless Sporadic - Sky Run Official Music Video feat. Jordan Rudess Rock Sky
movies The Incredible Art Of The Ghost In The Shell Movie Shell
worldnews France elections: Le Pen 'steps aside' as party leader - BBC News BBC
gaming Jumping the car in Lego City Lego
nottheonion A Twitter employee earning $160,000 in San Francisco says he's scraping by Twitter
personalfinance Applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred Chase
videos The Impossible Dove Tail Box Dove
movies Black Label, Sony Pictures Set Team-up On Granite Mountain & Soldado Sony
movies Tom Hanks Jokes That His Character In 'The Circle' Was Based on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey Twitter
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Subreddit Title Brand
funny When Mom Brings KFC Home KFC
videos I uploaded this song 6 years ago to Youtube for my older brothers former roomate. He's married now doing his own thing, but little does he know that his song is one of my favorites to this day. Youtube
funny Surprised my son with an Xbox One and he ended up scaring the crap out of me. LANGUAGE WARNING Xbox
aww Meet Winston who I adopted from Paws Chicago. Winston
personalfinance Auto Engine blown on 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee. 145,000 miles on it. Good Condition other than the engine. Purchase Options? Jeep
videos Surprised my kid with an Xbox One. He screams like a school girl and scares the life out of me. LANGUAGE WARNING Xbox
Documentaries Killing for Honour: 2017 BBC 23:04 - "A Documentary about honour killings in Iraqi Kurdistan BBC
AskReddit In a world where the internet and Twitter have been around since the 60s, What would be some political leaders' tweets through history? Twitter
news Fruit and veg: For a longer life eat 10-a-day - BBC News BBC
pics Harpersfield Covered Bridge over the Grand River, Ashtabula County, Ohio, United States. United
aww Leave Facebook and Play With Me...!!! Facebook
funny When Twitter is perfectly aligned Twitter
television Reminder: Planet Earth II Episode 2 Mountains is airing tonight at 9 PM and 12 AM EST on BBC America! BBC
mildlyinteresting This Jeep is angry. Or at least mildly displeased. Jeep
todayilearned TIL that in 1989, Bill Gates answered a Microsoft tech support call, and identified himself only as "William", then solved the issue. The customer called back later specifically requesting him. Microsoft
AskReddit If you could have a Lego set of anything you want, what would it be and how much would you reasonably pay for it? Lego
pics Harpersfield Covered Bridge over the Grand River, Ashtabula County, Ohio, United States. - No HDR United
AskReddit What is the coolest thing you have found roaming around Google Earth? Google
mildlyinteresting This used to be a UPS store until the owner had an issue with UPS. They switched to Fed-Ex and named it accordingly. UPS
AskReddit If the Microsoft Word software suddenly vanished so that you couldn't open ANY of your Word documents or run scripts on them ever again, how screwed would you or the company you work for be? Microsoft
Futurology Report contradicts Uber's explanation of robocar red light slip - After video showed an Uber self-driving car running a red light, the firm cited "human error" by the ride-along driver. But a report faults the autonomous tech. Uber
Showerthoughts When Google Maps tells you to 'head south on x road for one kilometre', does anyone actually know which way is south? Google
mildlyinteresting My wife's S7 edge fits perfectly inside my Google Pixel case edges. Google
nottheonion Natural News was not banned from Google over fake news Google
AskReddit If a Nuclear Bomb detonated, and China declared war on the United States, and invaded, what would you do in this scenario? United
funny Huh...I guess Microsoft changed their keyboard shortcuts... Microsoft
worldnews Kim Jong-nam killing: Malaysia airport terminal declared safe - BBC News BBC
videos The most cooked cooking show on Youtube - Greg Cooks Youtube
funny Watched Keeping up with the Jones and was hungry. I guess Subway is trying a new menu item? Subway
AskReddit What is the best misspelling a Starbucks employee has ever written your name down as? Starbucks
gaming Does Walmart Canada Do Trade Ins for Used DS Games? If so, do They Accept the Games Without their Cases? Walmart
AskReddit What is the stupidest question ever asked on Yahoo Answers? Yahoo
funny Hey Dennis, your Uber is here. Uber
videos Fast food chicken: Testing Subway, McDonald's, A&W, Wendy's & Tim Hortons CBC Marketplace Tim Hortons
Jokes I wish I was the President of the United States United
gaming A quick Google during this Ubisoft fiasco... Google
photoshopbattles PsBattle: Donald Trump hair on a McDonald's ice cream cone. McDonald's
funny The BBC tells it like it is BBC
WritingPrompts WPThe United States Marshal Service is mobilized to hunt down the fugitive and escape artist known as Waldo. United
AskReddit Reddit users with Bipolar Disorder, any experiences or suggestions you can share from start of discovery of having BD to where you are currently? BD
videos Delete Your Facebook - YouTube Facebook
AskReddit How old are the kids in the LaDanian Tomlinson United Way 480p commercial? United
WritingPrompts WP In the back of a Burger King walk-in freezer, you find a box of polka dotted eggs labeled: Keep Frozen At All Times Burger King
todayilearned TIL that Kalawao County, Hawaii – the smallest county in the United States – has no elected government, prohibits anyone under the age of 16 from visiting or living there, and was a leper colony from 1866 to 1969. United
AskReddit What is your most memorable Uber experience? Uber
pics Saw this at Walmart and for a second I thought they had a better sense of humor than I expected Walmart
funny My high school likes to get in Facebook wars... Facebook
AskReddit serious why will the United States ban smartphones? United
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why are Microsoft computers more prone to viruses compared to Apple computers? Also why does Microsoft have so many more operating system updates compared to Apple? Apple
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why are Microsoft computers more prone to viruses compared to Apple computers? Also why does Microsoft have so many more operating system updates compared to Apple? Microsoft
funny Lady on Facebook claimed this shit works after one month. Put your damn vacuum away. Facebook
Futurology A blind man who narrowly escaped death when he was gunned down in the Philippines has developed software he hopes will offer life-changing independence to blind people - "The Microsoft platform... recognises what objects appear in a video and translates that information into text." Microsoft
videos Inside a Google data center Google
Showerthoughts My 20 year old daughter picked me up from a party tonight. I shot an Uber driver from my dick. Uber
EarthPorn Took a 3 hour drive to reach the most top left point of the United States; Cape Flattery, WA. OC 4016x6016 United
WritingPrompts WP Matt Damon and Henry David Thoreau Live in a Porsche together, surviving the apocalypse together with nothing but a circular saw and some coffee. Porsche
gaming My local Walmart had these out today. I wish I don't collect amiibos these look pretty cool actually. Walmart
mildlyinteresting This Subway was built into an old subway station Subway
funny This Honda civics spoiler. Honda
Jokes Why do farts smell bad in the Apple Store? Apple
WritingPrompts WP Suddenly, there was a great flash of light, and everyone in the superstore had powers which strength depends upon innate ability. The rules are simple- only one leaves alive. You're only a friendly Walmart greeter, yet you of all people have been given near godlike power. Walmart
movies While we're all talking about how good Lego Batman is, let's not forget the original Lego Movie Lego
worldnews Immigration Agents Discover New Freedom to Deport Under Trump Discover
gaming [Resident Evil 7 2017 Low End PC Gameplay Core i3 5005U
Showerthoughts Every time I use Google Earth, I wonder where I actually am in that moment. Google
videos Taco Bell is really going a weird direction with their marketing... Bell
nottheonion Canada sees huge surge of refugees and asylum seekers crossing from the United States on foot United
Showerthoughts I have accumulated more Chipotle takeout bags than Walmart sacks. My life is complete. Walmart
WritingPrompts WP You are visiting the much less known but more powerful Oracle who sees the past that never was, the present that isn't and the future that never will be. Oracle
AskReddit According to surfing; where is the best Taco Bell in the country? Bell
news Semyon Gluzman: Meeting a Soviet-era dissident again after 35 years - BBC News BBC
dataisbeautiful The ISIS Twitter census: Defining and describing the population of ISIS supporters on Twitter Twitter
funny Found this in a Walmart bathroom stall. Lol'd. Walmart
Showerthoughts Ikea is the Apple of the furniture industry Apple
news Mexico warns US over border wall funding - BBC News BBC
AskReddit If ESPN 8: The Ocho were made today, what real-life sports would be featured? ESPN
LifeProTips LPT: ladies, a bath or two a week with a few spoonfuls of Apple cider vinegar will remove any "smell" or "taste" you have down south. I'm a happy man. I want you all to be too. Apple
AskReddit Why is Google free but not food? Google
Art Night Sky Geometry, digital, 2017, 1600x 1741 Sky
videos Canon Rock 2 - Youtube classic back from 2006 Youtube
videos Andy Milonakis, 41, who has a growth hormone deficiency, gets his ID Turned Down by CVS For Buying Nicorette Gum CVS
news Five injured after car hits pedestrians - BBC News BBC
videos Balrog Vs. Fei-Long Mike Tyson vs Donnie Yen Tyson
pics The first Honda imported into the USA Honda
videos If Google Was A Guy Google
AskReddit If you were to decide who would be the President of the United States, who would it be and why? United
videos Top 5 Best Android Video Editing Apps for Youtube in 2017 Youtube
gadgets The Google Assistant is coming to Marshmallow and Nougat Android phones starting this week Google
pics From a display in the United States Holocaust Museum. Dear Reddit, I wanna see this go viral on every social media outlet yet invented. United
sports The new Red Bull 2017 F1 car, the RB13 Red Bull
AskReddit What if one day Google was deleted and we cannot Google what happened to Google ? Google
worldnews Nigel Farage 'has dinner with Donald Trump' - BBC News BBC
movies Ezra Edelman's 'OJ: Made in America' is currently streaming on BBC iPlayer BBC
nosleep The last time I ever go through a date through Facebook Part 2 Facebook
personalfinance Keep getting emails regarding a Capital One 360 account that is not mine Capital One
todayilearned TIL that Montpelier, Vermont is the only United States capital without a McDonalds. United
AskReddit What is an alternative to Yahoo Clues other than Google Trends? Google
AskReddit What is an alternative to Yahoo Clues other than Google Trends? Yahoo
todayilearned TIL that Theodore and Eleanor Roosevelt, when staying in the White House, reported sightings or a presence of Abraham Lincoln's Ghost. Sightings have also been reported by Margaret Truman, Winston Churchill, and Henry Truman. Winston
todayilearned TIL the mobile game "Send Me to Heaven" involves throwing your phone as high in the air as you can. the creator said he made it with the hope of destroying as many iPhones as possible, but Apple banned it from the App Store. Apple
todayilearned TIL that Apple is building a new headquarters called Apple Park, shaped like a flying saucer Apple
Futurology Cislunar Space: The Next 30 Years, United Launch Alliance has a vision. United
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why do people claim that there's still systematic racism in the United States, when by definition it's racism = policies to favor the group in power over another, and no such laws or policies exist anymore? United
news A self-driving Uber ran a red light last December, contrary to company claims Uber
nottheonion GE, Intel, AT&T team up to put cameras, mics in San Diego AT&T
pics Old Renault Car Renault
AskReddit Hey Reddit! What are some items or food that go as good together as Toothpaste and Orange Juice? Orange
gadgets Google's self driving car unit Waymo sues Uber over alleged patent infringement Uber
Jokes Apparently Facebook notifies the authorities of a suicidal post within twelve hours Facebook
AskReddit Why haven't humans developed artificial gills instead of O2 tanks for scuba diving? O2
worldnews Germany hate crime: Nearly 10 attacks a day on migrants in 2016 - BBC News BBC
Showerthoughts Joining Tinder and saying you're not looking to hook up is like saying you are eating Taco Bell and are not drunk or high. Bell
movies The Art of Film Titles - A CBS Sunday Morning look at the many artists whose work has gone into crafting these dynamic title sequences CBS
Music The Alan Parsons Project - Sirius/Eye In The Sky Prog Rock Sky
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why are phone/software companies pushing voice assistants like Siri and Google assistant, when very few people actually use them? Google
mildlyinteresting This bike rack at my local Kroger has tools and a air pump attached to it Kroger
OldSchoolCool My mom in her Burger King uniform back in 1977. Burger King
funny Took a picture of Google StreetView taking a picture of me taking a picture of it. Google
Jokes Clark Kent really enjoys a good broth Kent
worldnews A note on our lawsuit against Otto and Uber – Waymo Uber
Documentaries Roads of the Early 20th Century USA - And Henry Ford Cars 1927 Ford
news Aliens actor Bill Paxton dies aged 61 - BBC News BBC
AskReddit SeriousWhat does the new Ford class nuclear carrier need so much juice for. ? Ford
AskReddit SeriousReddit, who's a Youtube personality for Politics/Current Affairs that is worth checking out? Why? Youtube
food Homemade Sunday Morning Apple Struesel Muffins Apple
news Aliens actor Bill Paxton dies aged 61 - BBC News BBC
news Bill Paxton dies aged 61 - BBC News BBC
personalfinance Tax deductions on EE bonds EE
movies Bill Paxton, actor known for Aliens and Titanic, dies aged 61 - BBC News BBC
todayilearned TIL an Italian tractor manufacturer was so upset with the bad clutches in Ferrari's cars that he complained to Enzo Ferrari himself, who arrogantly dismissed the concerns. The tractor maker, Ferruccio Lamborghini, decided to make his own cars to compete. Ferrari
dataisbeautiful Netflix, Youtube and Amazon are the Most Popular Streaming Services OC Youtube
gaming Multiplayer for gaming PC and Apple Mac Apple
videos Andy Milonakis Born in 1976, but looks 12 Has His ID Turned Down By CVS After Attempting to Buy Nicorette Gum CVS
news Clingy panda video racks up 163m hits online - BBC News BBC
gadgets Nokia 3310 mobile phone resurrected at MWC 2017 - BBC News BBC
videos Andy Milonakis Born in 1976, but Looks 12 Has His ID Turned Down by CVS After Attempting to Buy Nicorette Gum CVS
AskReddit Serious Casino dealers, what is the craziest thing you have ever witnessed? Casino
gaming Just found out you can duck in Google offline game! Google
Jokes After hearing that Starbucks is looking into hiring executioners. Starbucks
space Don't Get Neil deGrasse Tyson Started on the "Super Moon" Tyson
worldnews France Jews: Two brothers attacked in Paris street - BBC News BBC
gaming Joel Tinney fake flip OT winner against Loyola - Create, Discover and Share GIFs on Gfycat Discover
sports Manchester United 2-1 Southampton - Gabbiadini 45'+1' United
videos Mr Munch's BFF: McDonald's Big Flavour Wraps, Chilli Crisp McDonald's
personalfinance Is switching to Chase bank a good call? Chase
Art "Flying Spaghetti Monster," Microsoft Word, 11"X8.5" Microsoft
Music With 50 Academy Award nominations John Williams only trails Walt Disney for the most Oscar nominations in history and is the most Oscar-nominated person alive Walt Disney
todayilearned TIL if you buy a Volvo through their Overseas Delivery Program, you will receive 2 free round-trip tickets to Sweden to test-drive your car includes airport pickup/luxury hotel. Then you'll have 2 weeks to explore Europe in the car they pay insurance. Volvo then ships your car to you for free. Volvo
listentothis Sallie Ford -- Unraveling garage rock/female vocalist 2017 Ford
videos How It’s Made Lego - Super Interesting view at automation at work 6mins Lego
gaming Convince me. Xbox One or PS4. I already have a 360, but I can't decide if i want to stay with XBox or go back to Playstation. Last PS I had was a PS2 Xbox
todayilearned TIL that Santa Fe, New Mexico is the highest capital city in the United States at 7,198 feet. It beats Denver, Colorado by 1,918 feet. United
funny Someone at IKEA has been watching BSG IKEA
gaming Before Youtube and Social Media, this was the best documentation by a simulator gaming company, MicroProse 1998. The General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon. MicroProse Falcon 4.0 Youtube
gaming Before Youtube and Social Media, this was the best documentation by a simulator gaming company, MicroProse 1998. The General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon. MicroProse Falcon 4.0 General Dynamics
mildlyinteresting I couldn't find a firelyinteresting so here it is. This Taco Bell sauce packet has nothing written in it. Bell
AskReddit You will be given $10,000 if you can think prank call McDonald's and keep them on the line for over 10 minutes. What do you say? McDonald's
AskReddit You will be given $10,000 if you prank call McDonald's and can keep them on the line for over 10 minutes. What do you say? McDonald's
mildlyinteresting There was a spelling mistake on Sky Sports in the UK the word available is incorrect in the Billions promo Sky
sports Manchester United have won the League Cup, their 42nd major trophy, and are now the most successful English football club in history United
personalfinance I applied for the Chase Reserve card and my application needed further review. Should I go ahead and call them or wait to hear back first? Chase
mildlyinteresting Taco Bell is getting really relaxed on dress code... Bell
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why hadn't the United States just switched to pure numbers voting? United
movies Interviews with Bryan Singer, Chris DeFaria, and Bill Westenhofer discussing how tax incentives have moved the VFX industry out of the United States. United
news Al Gore has sold more than $37 million worth of Apple stock in February Apple
worldnews Nokia 3310 mobile phone resurrected at MWC 2017 - BBC News BBC
sports Manchester United 3-2 Southampton United
news Germany hate crime: Nearly 10 attacks a day on migrants in 2016 - BBC News BBC
Showerthoughts I have gotten so used to Google predicting my search that I get annoyed when it doesn't guess correctly. Google
Music Pogo - Prop My Sky Experimental Electronic Hip-Hop Sky
OldSchoolCool Young, attractive Harrison Ford in the 70's. Ford
Showerthoughts When issuing the cancel commands for Google Now / Amazon Alexa, I feel like Capt. Picard saying "Thank you, Mr. Data". Google
listentothis Bill Withers -- Full BBC Concert R&B/Funk 1973 BBC
gifs Neil deGrasse Tyson Demonstrates a Rattleback Tyson
movies In Honor of Bill Paxton Over 100 Storm Chasers Make BP Initials Using GPS Location Markers BP
TwoXChromosomes Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg interview: 'It's not the best of times' - BBC Newsnight last week BBC
worldnews France's Le Pen refuses police interview over funding claims - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Why isit okay to ban TD but pronote a dozen anti trump subs? TD
news Straight women have fewest orgasms - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Why is it okay to censor TD but promote a dozen anti Trump subs? TD
DIY How to make hole for USB port in Honda Civic plastic piece Honda
Music Journey - Wheel in the Sky Rock Sky
gaming Gaming on a dual Intel Xeon L5420 Intel
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Subreddit Title Brand
AskReddit What are some "hidden gem" Apple apps? Apple
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How does UPS Ground ship to Hawaii? UPS
Showerthoughts We could be a video game simulation and not know it... Hell, we could even be the No Man's Sky of simulations to our player Sky
AskReddit What would the United States look like if the South won the Civil War? United
AskReddit Would you consider 2011 Hyundai Sonata a good used car? Why or why not? Hyundai
tifu TIFU by doing a Taco Bell survey Bell
television A really cool Japanese Pepsi commercial starring Jude Law. Pepsi
mildlyinteresting Had some Google Chrome bread for lunch. Google
pics Mу Lego nails! Lego
AskReddit You are running for president of the United States, the last Reddit comment you replied to is your campaign slogan, how fucked are you? United
photoshopbattles PsBattle: First Ladies of the United States United
gaming Saw this in the Apple Store...Had to do a double take just to make sure it wasn't a Switch Apple
movies The end credits song for The Lego Batman Movie is really cute - it's the "Everything is Awesome" of this movie Lego
AskReddit Fast food workers of Reddit, what are some of the biggest lies of the industry? Is Wendy's beef really never frozen? Is Hardee's chicken actually hand-breaded? Do Subway employees really bake bread every day? Subway
IAmA IAmA Walmart Cashier, ask me anything. Walmart
AskReddit Is there a Google Sheets formula that will find an average of a median group of numbers, if so what is it? Google
videos Hey Reddit, So I uploaded this video to Youtube less than 48 hours ago attempting to explain kindlywhy people dislike Yoko Ono and so far I have received 6 pm's of hate mail and one death threat calling me a racist. I'm not sure how to proceed. : Youtube
mildlyinteresting The Apple news feed made me sad! Wait, now I'm happy. Apple
WritingPrompts RF Google just developed an AI, and gave it total control over the company, what happens now? Google
AskReddit What are some "hidden gems" apps for us Apple plebs? Apple
Documentaries Assault on the Male 1993 - BBC documents why male sperm count has significantly dropped within the past several decades, increased rates of testicular cancer, smaller testes, and even how male fish are being turned into females and are developing female sex organs. BBC
AskReddit What would you do if someone asks about the "hidden gems" of Apple apps AGAIN? Apple
WritingPrompts WP A UPS driver is stranded and forced to survive on his own with only the packages in his truck UPS
WritingPrompts WP You wake up in the middle of a dark room with duct tape on you, forcing you to stay immobile. A man in a Nazi uniform walks in and explain to you that you are in an alternative world where Hitler rules Europe, the Soviet Union conquered the United States, and North Korea has invaded China. United
videos Noah Maloney, the Canadian guy who is eating pictures of Jason Segel until he eats a picture of him is also in a weed-themed rap collective called Choral Reef. They opened in Toronto for Turquoise Jeep the lemme smang it gurl rappers last year Jeep
videos The face Neil deGrasse Tyson makes after he explains the physics of an exploding comet is priceless Tyson
AskReddit Why is Spotify so much faster at starting and skipping songs than Google Play Music or Apple Music? Apple
AskReddit Why is Spotify so much faster at starting and skipping songs than Google Play Music or Apple Music? Google
aww My friends mom had a litter of cats about a year ago and I was given the opportunity to meet them a couple months after being born. I regret not taking her offer and adopting one for free. She posted this on her Facebook a couple hours ago. His name is Tiger. He's a handful of "AWWW" Facebook
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personalfinance Is Paypal safe without an eBay or other listing to back it up? eBay
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AskReddit What are "hidden gem" Apple apps? Apple
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Music Elton John - Levon live 1971 BBC Studio Rock BBC
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pics Kansas, United States of America. United
AskReddit What are the "hidden gems" of Apple apps? Apple
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personalfinance Cancel Costco and upgrade Citi credit card? Costco
gaming Just bought an Xbox One Xbox
gaming I have a question about transferring data from one Xbox one to another Xbox
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pics My newly restored Ford Falcon Au Xr8 ute. Ford
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personalfinance Is a Costco Citi Creditcard worth getting? Costco
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gaming Did anyone that downloaded 'Yaris' on the Xbox Live Arcade actually buy a Toyota Yaris? Xbox
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aww This little guy showed up on my porch last night scared and hungry. A few hours and a lot of Facebook posts later and we got him back to his family! Facebook
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AskReddit Former presidents of the United States, how stressful was your job? United
videos Kenny Omega wrestles a 9 year old girl. Omega
Showerthoughts It's strange that Google includes height as featured information about celebrities. Google
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2015.07.10 04:44 tabledresser [Table] IamA 500lb. Rapper and waning Sex Symbol, /u/billythefridge - AMA!

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Date: 2015-07-10
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Worst sexual experience at a show? I'll count it as a show, I was live streaming to a website with a buddy of mine, named Joe. A homeless girl walks by our hotel window and asks if we're partying. Of course we are. She comes in, we start to undress her and give her a body massage on camera. Things are getting heave so naturally I take off her shoes to rub her feet. The stench of her feet turns my stomach six ways from Sunday. I run to the bathroom and take about 8 giants shits, flushing 3 times during the process. It was a disaster. 45 minutes later, good ol' Joe was still rubbing her back and she was ready to shower with us. We to the bathroom, she gets naked and a bell hop knocks on the door. Our billionaire acquaintance Alki David called the hotel and told them his 15 year old daughter was locked in our room. The bell hop sees a naked girl, good ol' Joe takes him the the front desk to calm him down and I'm too dumbfounded from taking the monster shit to handle business in the shower with this pretty hot homeless girl that waved me in. Weird fuckin' night.
That was disgusting. I loved it. Lol, maybe I should have put a warning :p.
So you shit instead of throwing up? Thats pretty rad. I hate throwing up, would much rather a relieving shit. This was a monster shit. Felt like I was giving birth to death.
Very nice! Thanks for sharing that wonderful story with us. I'm a gentleman!
I cant believe I missed that Some seems like something we would have done to Bourbon. Have you been back to battlecam at all bro? I visit Battlecam every once in a while. I love it when it's fun!
Holy shit, wow! I'm SO glad you did this AMA already. I can see this is gonna be a fun ride. :) I was stuck answering from my cell phone due to laptop battery dying, I'm back to the keyboard now... here's to typing up some more war stories!
What got you into rap, and who's your biggest influence? My biggest influences are Tupac and Weird Al. I can maybe credit Pac slightly more than Al for the rap, but music in general they're just as important.
And I got into rap by working in a recording studio. I started out making comedy skits, prank phone calls and parody songs and then dropped it all to do promotional work, but after a few years of that I got coerced into being a rapper by jumping in freestyle sessions and featuring on people's songs. Even when I had my first 'mixtape' nearly recorded, I wasn't really the type to tell people I rapped. A friend just kind of notified me that I had an album's worth of songs together and I should really release them. That was pretty much it.
And if you're asking me who got me into rap, as in listening to the genre, I just kind of liked that westcoast gangsta shit from Death Row and it built from there.
How do you write your raps? Just think of funny lines then string a beat through em? Sometimes I have a line I want to build a verse around. Other times I have a beat that just needs t I be written to bar for bar. In rare occurrences I will have most of the song written loosely in my head and then it just kind of tumbles out when I find the right beat.
Hi ! Hum, aren't you playing MTG ... may have seen you stream. Yup, I play Magic the Gathering... I started playing in 1994 as a little kid. Old habits die hard!!
Why do you maintain this weight ? Thought about the whole fat acceptance movement ? I've actually lost 100 lbs since my last AMA. I plan on dropping a few more pounds. It's just easier to travel when you're able to fit in seats. I think accepting human beings as they are and not forcing them to feel like shit about themselves is important.
Recommandations about another entertaineinternet blob you like ? One of my favorite entertaineinternet blobs is Boogie2988 aka Francis. I like Boogie's attitude on life and I love that he's able to be a positive force in people's lives, while still being open about the darkness in his past. Kudos to him for being an open book to a crowd that likes to tare out pages.
Career prospects/choices ? Enjoying the silliness and intending to keep it there, or other projects post-5mn-internet-fame ? I've been in talks to do some TV/Film work. I think a move to Los Angeles would be fruitful. I've got a strong base down there already. I'd like to start hitting the comedy clubs there every night and if all else fails, I'll become a sex worker for fat boy fetishists.
Never heard of you, but I'm feeling the tunes. What's your best groupie story? I had a girl that might have been a prostitute...okay, she must have been a prostitute, take a liking to me. I was at the bar with a bartender girl friend of mine working. The presumed prostitute felt like the bartender and I were too close, so she asserted dominance. Whenever anyone would go to buy their drinks from the bartender, the presumed prostitute would pay the person's bill EXACTLY, no tip to spite my bartender friend. A few hundred dollars late, the presumed prostitute felt like she had won the battle for Billy and then as he went to bathroom, everyone who had bought drinks earlier showered my bartender friend with tips. It was so fucking weird.
How did you get involved with Alki David and how has his involvement impacted your life? How has the weight loss been going for you? I'm still proud of you for being mother of the year and am voting for you again next year! See you when I come up for PAX! Let's grab tacos at Borracho! The weight loss has been good. I think it's kind of slowed over the past few months, I dropped about 100 lbs in the first year and I think I kind of leveled off. I need to get a little more strict with what I eat. It's been tough. You want to eat healthy but sometimes it's just cheaper fill up on rice and potatoes than keep fresh Kale and Quinoa stocked.
MOTHER OF THE YEAR!! Hahaha. Love you. PAX AND TACOS, yes plz!!
You don't necessarily need to eat healthy to lose weight. Just it less and move more. Thanks. Eating healthy is more important to me than losing weight.
Why? I'm genuinely curious. Because I'm really good at carrying the weight I have and if I focus on eating health and building muscle mass, my body will run smoother than if I'm starving it of calories/nutrients to shed pounds. I want my engine to be running on all cylinders. I'm a work horse!
What's the craziest thing you've ever done? What's the craziest thing you've ever seen? Craziest thing I've ever done? That's a tough one. Maybe break up a pit bull fight with my bare hands. I don't know. I'm usually calculated with my risks. Craziest thing ever seen? I was at a crosswalk and a squirrel ran thru traffic. It was like 6 busy lanes of traffic. He dodged car after car, staring death in the face time and again. The little guy mad it! I cheered!! Then an SUV up the hill that nearly killed it LOST its rear tire. The whole tire rolled down the hill and perfectly squashed and killed this poor squirrel. It was amazingly tragic.
Did you always wanted to be a rapper? I actually always wanted to be a Professional Wrestler. After toying around with the idea and realizing Washington state was not the place to become one, and traveling to B.C. Canada to get some ring time in, and then traveling across the U.S. multiple times and finally working my last match in Las Vegas in 2011 (before teasing a couple of spots back in Seattle) I realized that music was a much more practical career move.
I also tried competitive eating for a moment in time.
What was your wrestling name? Kingpin, sometimes Kingy for short. I had a big ol' bowling pin patch on my chest. Miss those days!
Well I've seen you wrestle, and you do make good websites. YOU SON OF A BITCH, MITCH!
Where have you gotten most of your inspiration? When do you think you will blow up and what will you do when it happens? Inspiration comes from everywhere. Not just music. It comes from Comedy... I've seen Tim and Eric live many times and their show inspires me. I think I'm really inspired by Andy Kaufman even though I never saw him life. I'm inspired by Bob Dylan or the Beatles. Somebody whose lyrics move the mountains of human emotion. Green Jelly is an inspiration. The story telling. The comedy. Fuckin' Andy Milonakis is the God Emcee to me today.
Do you regret the stunt where you faked a seizure in a Starbucks? It's literally the only thing I've associated with you for years until someone actually posted your rap. Do I regret something I spent about 10 seconds preparing for and was over within a minute? Kind of. It was dumb. It was a challenge and I didn't even do it well enough to get paid. It wasn't a highlight. However, I doubt my video would have popped up on Reddit today if that fresh cringe wasn't on many peoples minds. So maybe it all worked out. It sucks that some people only know me for that, when I've done a ton of other embarrassing and deplorable acts!!
What are your plans for the future? Short term/long term? I want to find a producer to collaborate with that might want to craft a bigger project with me. I want to make some comedic/viral type songs for YouTube just to laugh at. I want to make a couple more songs that invoke a more dramatic emotion if possible.
I listened to everything on Spotify while driving around since we last chatted. The album was solid. You have a lot of talent. Keep it up. And I'm hoping to spend some time in Hollywood soon and crash auditions and piss my way onto the set of a big budget flick as Ben Affleck's fat friend (almost almost could have happened!!).
Loved the videos I saw earlier in the day. I have no doubt you'll be successful. What kind of car are you gonna buy when you make it big? Ok... I need an 80's Cadillac. I'll try and pretty it up some, but it's supposed be dirty.
But I also need a Donut truck that doubles as a merch booth so I can sell the people anything and everything they'd ever want when I was on tour.
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2014.09.16 11:03 OriginalMrCoin A question to the higher ups

I was reading about the Andy Milonakis fundraiser in Bobby's thread. Posted a question but kind of got lost in the comments. But I think it's something we really need to know
"My main question is what do we get in return for sure? I mean if we are trying to give him almost 2 grand I think we should have something on paper with him..
IE:He must make a rap video about potcoin by X date He must tweet about us X amount of times etc etc
I understand that we want to get him attached but I think people would be much more willing if we knew what we were getting out of it."
Do we know what is being offered back? Also like potcoiner420 mentioned we should be looking into some of the legends like Tommy Chong
He was and still is a Pot Icon. He is very open minded and if we let him know about what we are doing with charity work and get him to shout us out on say facebook Look at those likes on his page. Would be able to spread the idea of Potcoin and would even resonate with some of the older weed smokers which is growing with legalization.
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2014.06.19 00:38 singlestoner M -- pretty sure I'm ugly but nobody wants to hurt my feelings about it. Also, guess my age please!

Been single for a bit now, not getting much action off the dating websites and I'm wondering if my face has something to do with it. I've lost some weight recently, not sure how much but pretty much none of the clothes I was wearing two months ago fit anymore. My self-confidence about my appearance is real low, particularly because I grew up fat and only recently have drifted down into the upper levels of what might be considered "average."
When I was younger, I actually was one of those glandular problem fat people--I saw a neurologist and everything, they did some MRIs when I was 14 or 15 because I had been so short for so long and determined that my pituitary gland was almost entirely undeveloped. I think it was the same thing that Andy Milonakis has, we used to look extremely similar. I was really short and fat, and those two things pretty much defined my youth and how people perceived me, and thus how I perceived myself. I had low energy because none of the right hormones were flowing in me, and I couldn't keep up with my classmates physically. This resulted in a lot of depression, which still plagues me.
They prescribed me with daily injections of human growth hormone to jumpstart puberty, which I administered to myself on a nightly basis for about two years or so, starting when I was like 15. It never got any easier to do that to myself every night, it hurt every time, and it didn't really have any visible effects for a long time. It felt like an extra punishment for something that already felt like a punishment I would never understand. My younger brothers, 2 and 6 years younger than me, started puberty before I really did. After a few years I stopped the shots, I couldn't keep doing it to myself, but puberty did eventually kick in.
I'm a grown man now, but I still feel like that short, fat kid. I'm about 5'10", but my mental image of all the other adults I know, when I imagine them, is like they are all so much bigger than me, like it used to be when I was growing up. I know I'm not a small guy anymore--in fact, just last week I actually intimidated another adult man in the parking lot of my apartment complex and scared him off while he was harassing a lady--but I still can't shake that lack of confidence from childhood. My chubbiness now is a direct result of my Coke habit--I'm not trying to blame my childhood for my current fatness, but because of my condition as a kid--low energy, unable to physically compete with my peers so I avoided physical stuff altogether--I developed some bad habits that I am now working to change.
I wants your people's opinions, because another thing about me is that I wear my heart on my sleeve, and everybody who knows me knows that. I get emotional, if I am passionate about something it really shows, if I am mad about something it really shows, and if I've been hurt emotionally, it shows. I feel like nobody in my life is willing to be honest with me, because they don't want to hurt me. So I wanna know, be brutally honest with me.
These pics are from like two nights ago. I haven't uploaded them to any sort of dating app or whatever, but if you think they'd make decent profile pics then say so. Excuse the filthy mirror, I just moved in with a friend and I'm not sure he's aware that a mirror is a thing you can clean. Also, guess my age! Nobody gets it right, because of the delayed development thing. I get guesses all over the place, I wanna know what you think.
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2014.02.26 02:43 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: THIS IS LIL JON!!!!! AMA

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Date: 2014-02-25
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Questions Answers
What's your opinion on the fractional reserve banking system? FUCK IF I KNO.
If you were Donald Trump's boss, what's the first thing you'd make him do? ID FIRE HIM JUS FOR THE HELL OF IT THEN HIRE HIM BACK. N BE LIKE I WAS JUS FUCKIN WIT U.
What is the one thing I should turn down for? SLEEEPPP OR THE POLICE
Your music made middle/high school dances a great place. For college you made one of the best "let's start drinking" songs of all time. WHAT IS NEXT FOR YOU?? MORE MUSIC MORE PARTYING! TURN DOWN FOR WHAT!!!
What's a day in the life of Lil Jon like vs. a day in the life of Jonathan Smith? LIL JON IS ON A PLANE OR PARTYING. JONATHAN SMITH IS AT HOME ON THE COUCH WATCHING SWAMP PEOPLE.
Yo Lil Jon what's your favorite dinosaur? BARNEY.
If your career wasn't in music, what do you think you would be doing right now? IF I WASNT N MUSIC I WULD B A PSYCHIATRIST
Window or the wall? WINDOW.
What's something you're good at or something you like to do (hobby) that no one would expect? I SNOWBOARD.
HEY LIL JON!!! have you seen [this] (Link to Me and my friend are such big fans that we dressed up as you and the girl from lazytown for halloween Link to AMAZING! HAHAHAH NEVER SEEN THAT.
You taught a generation of young white kids the meaning of SKEET SKEET SKEET. How do feel about this accomplishment? AWSSSOOMMEEE.
What's the biggest impulse buy you've ever made? Biggest case of buyer's remorse? BUYING A CONVERTIBLE LAMBO I DIDNT DRIVE BUT LIKE 30 TIMES.
What are you going to have for dinner? I JUS GOT A WAHOO CANTINA BOWL FROM BAJA FRESH.
What do you think about Dave Chapelle ? DAVE IS THE SHIZIT! HELPED ME TO BECOME EVEN MORE FAMOUS.
Yo how did you get the idea to sample "Raining Blood" by Slayer in "Stop Fuckin With Me" off the Crunk Juice album? Also, thank you for your first two albums in general. I can't tell you how many irresponsible things I did while listening to Tha Eastside Boys when I was in high school. RICK RUBIN AND I WERE WORKING I WAS TELLING HIM I LIKED SLAYER N HIGH SCHOOL. HE WAS LIKE I PRODUCED THOSE RECORDS. SO HE PULLED THE SAMPLES OUT N WE DID THE BEAT.
What's your writing process like? What do you like to write on/with? I LIKE A PAD AND SHARPIE.
Is your caps lock broken? NO MUTHA FUCKA IM LIL JON! YEAHHH.
If you were able to go back in time and undo the "YEAH!"s, "OK!"s and "WHAT?!"s in your music, would you? Does it ever get annoying to have such well-known catchphrases? NAH PEOPLE LOVE THAT SHIT. IT BECAME PART OF PEOPLES NORMAL SPEECH.
When was the first time you realized you were a celebrity? What are some of the best and worst things about being famous? WHEN PEOPLE STARTED TO RECOGNIZE ME ALL OVER MY CITY. WORST U CANT TURN IT OFF. BEST FREE SHIT!!
Hey Lil Jon, do you remember that episode of the Andy Milonakis show on MTV, where you came through his TV and ate Fruity Pebbles? Will you come through my TV and eat Fruity Pebbles with me? I only have a knock-off brand that's cheaper, but they taste the same. HAHA.
What is "your type" or women? MY WIFE.
If you were a superhero (and I'm not saying you aren't one already) what would your hero name be and what would be your superpower? SKEETER! GET EVERYBODY FUCKED UP.
What is your favorite US state postal abbreviation? FUCK IF I KNO.
What was your favorite subject in school? LUNCH!
Who's your favourite Lil? WAYNE IS DA HOMIE.
What's your opinion on the current crisis in Ukraine? ITS FUCKED UP.
If you were offered to visit North Korea would you? What would you say to Kim Jong-un? I DONT KNO. THAS A REALLY FUCKED UP COUNTRY. I SEEN DOCUMENTRIES ABOUT THE REALL N. KOREA N ITS FUCKKKD UP.
Lil Jon, quick question: Can a homeless man be sentenced to house arrest? Turn up. DEEP.
Can I be your friend? YUP ON TWITTER @LILJON HAHA.
What is your favorite book and why? HUMMM ART OF WAR. CAUSE LIFE IS WAR!
Dave Chappelle's skit where he impersonates you is one of the singular most hilarious things I've ever seen on TV, and I love the fact that you're doing this AMA in all caps. It's like I can hear you yelling the answers in front of a laptop somewhere. That being said, is there a quiet side to Lil Jon, or are you "on" 24/7? YUP THERE IS! PEOPLE THINK IM ON 10 ALL THE TIME BUT DEFFF NOT.
I first learned about you when I was 11. I am also a Jon, and so some older kids started giving me the nickname 'Lil Jon'. Being 11, I asked "Who's Lil Jon?" One kid told me "he's this big black guy with a HUGE penis." And that's all he would say on the matter. So, I guess my question is, do you have a nickname for your genitalia? HUH.
HEYYY Lil Jon! Which artist would you like to collaborate with but haven't had the chance yet? Keep making great music btw! DRE KANYE JAY Z
What is the best advice given to you on your career? JUS WORK HARD AND MAKE CONNECTIONS.
Ugh, first time I've been on time for a good AMA, and I can't think of a good question. What was the most memorable moment in your career? 2 WIN A GRAMMY.
Where the eastside boyz at? SOMEWHERE ON THE EASTSIDE.
Do you agree that a thorium power is the next big step in nuclear fuel and power generation? SURE.
Who are your favorite newer rappers? WAY 2 MANY 2 NAME.
Have you ever wondered what your life would be as "Big" John instead? IM 5'7 THAT WONT WORK.
This is pretty cool because I only have to look for responses in all CAPS. Whatup Lil Jon? HEYYY.
How do you feel about this picture? WELL THATS NOT ME. IT WAS A JOKE N PEOPLE BELIEVE IT.
What is your favorite fast food joint? FATBURGER.
Is the Crunk Juice cup dishwasher friendly? NO.
Who's your hero? MOMS.
Do you enjoy memes/meming? FUCK YEAH! I MAKE MY OWN ALSO!
Why was "Yeah" so timeless? IT CAPTURED A MOMENT.
How do I aquire more decadence? B A GANGSTA.
Hi Lil' Jon. Is the claim that Ezra Koenig makes, "Lil' Jon, he always tells the truth", true? Also can you share one fact about Ezra that we may not know. I DO TELL THE TRUTH! HAHA EZRA IS JUS A COOL DUDE.
What is one thing that absolutely always makes you turn up? Alternatively, what one thing makes you turn down? TEQUILA POLICE.
Lil Jon, wanna hang out? If so, come to Okinawa and we can have ramen and japanese bitches. HAHA.
What do you feel was your first big break? When did you realize you could actually live your life by being a superstar rapper? WHEN GET LOW BLEW UP I WAS LIKE WOWWW.
Lil Jon who is your favorite rappe singe poet? ICE CUBE.
How many hours in a 24 hour day are spent sober? WHEN IM HOME 24 ON THE ROAD 16.
How many different grills u got? ABT 8.
You could only have 1 liquor for the rest of your life what would it be? DON JULIO TEQUILA.
Nicolas Cage, yay or nay? YAY.
What was your reaction to Dave Chappelle's "life of lil john" sketches? Did he ask you permission before coin them? WAS SHOCKED AMAZED AND ELATED!
What is the American Dream? 2 HAVE ALOT OF $$$
If you could collaborate with anyone, living or dead, who would it be? RICK JAMES.
What's your favorite breakfast cereal and why is it Kelloggs? FROSTED FLAKESSS.
How was your experience on The Apprentice? Was it challenging? and how do you feel about Donald Trump? WAS SUPER TOUGH. BUT WE DID ALOT FOR CHARITY. MR TRUMP IS A GOOD GUY HE GAVE ME AN XTRA 100K FOR MY CHARITY.
Which historical figure would you like to do a collabo with? DNT KNO.
What was your favorite song that you produced? ALL OF EM HAHA.
If someone had to play you in a movie who would you want it to be? DONT KNO IF ANYONE CAN!
Just how far from the window was that wall? FARRR.
From your experience on the apprentice who is crazier Gary Busey or Dennis Rodman? BUSEY.
Do you fuck with Gucci Mane? HE ATL PEEPS.
Why haven't you let Mastgrr do anything official for you since he did the Cooking by the book mashup?! WE DID ONE AFTER THAT WAS FUNNY ALSO.
What are your thoughts on Kanye West? KNOWN YE FOR YEARS HE IS A GOOD DUDE.
1) Any more upcoming collaborations with electronic artists/DJ’s? 2) How was working with E-40? 3) TURN DOWN FOR WHAT YES ME AND MAKJ ARE DROPPING A NEW SONG NXT MONTH ALSO ANOTHA WITH FLOSSTRODAMAS AND DJ KRONIC.
Sometimes I feel like I am all alone in this world and I have no one to go to. What was it like to work with Dave? AMAZING. COMEDIC GENIUS.
Do you always tell the truth? MOST OF THE TIME.
If you could say one thing to the world and everyone was listening, what would you say? YEAHHH.
Dear lil john, I have one simple question for you: WHAT? OOOKKKAAAY.
Can I call you Jon? YES.
Can you say something in lowercase for me? I keep reading all your answers by screaming. NOOO!!!
What's your drink of choice? DON JULIO 1942.
Are you friends with Snoop? He reddits. YEAH THAS THE TRIPPLE OG.
Mr. Lil Jon sir! do you brush before you floss or floss before you brush? FLOSS BRUSSH RINSE.
What's the best poem you've read? JACK N JILL.
If you could punch people in the face every time they say "YEAHHH" when they see you, would you? FUCK YEA!!! LOL.
What was the first big thing you bought with your first big check? And what it's your favorite thing you own? A FUCKIN SUBURBAN! CRAZY SYSTEM IN IT.
Have you tried any recreational drugs lately? NOPE ONLY TEQUILA.
I know you have got to have some crazy party stories, what is the craziest thing you have witnessed, like no one would believe you if you told them? 2 MUCH 2 TALK ABT.
Are you ever doing another album with the east side boyz? NOPE.
Who's your top 5 hip-hop producers of all time? DRE, TIMBLAND,ME, NEPTUNES.
How did it feel to you when you finally saw one of your songs get really popular?! FUCKIN AMAZING
What would you say if I offered you a blunt right now? IM STRAIGHT.
Is you done rapping? NO I ISNT.
What is your favorite song you've ever created, and why is it "Outta your mind"? HAHA ALL OF THEM.
Who's your favorite artist to work with? PIT, ELEPHANT MAN, ICE CUBE, AOKI.
What's the weirdest thing a fan ever did or said to you? I CANT REM.
Bros before Hoes or Hoes before Bros? You know? YUP.
What's you're production workflow like? Have a favorite DAW or instrument? MPC RENAISSSANCE.
If I was to do shots with Lil Jon, what shots would you like? DON JULIO 1942.
How often do people yell "what" or "ya" when they see you. EVERY
If you weren't writing in all caps and multiple exclamation points, I would have been disappointed. EXACTLY!! TELL THESE OTHER FUCKERS N THE THREAD!
I literally feel the sweat coming off my balls right now. TMI.
Get Low used to get my 8th grade dances turnt up, appreciate that sir. YEAHHH.
Lil Jon being an OG and a pioneer in the atlanta rap scene..what do you think of the current melodic/turn up hip hop scene in atlanta (young thug, future,rich homie quan) vs the get CRUNK MOVEMENT. ITS COOL. DIFFERENT.
I have the single "Yeah" w/Usher on vinyl. Such a masterpiece. DOPE SAUCE!
Did Dave Chappelle Get a day in your life correctly KINDA! HAHA.
You are my inspiration. GLAD I CULD HELP!
Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized T-Pains or 1 T-Pain sized duck? 1.
Shakira, Beyonce, Nicki minaj. Kill one, Fuck one, marry one. NOT GOING THERE! HAHA.
I like how all his responses are in all caps. Just like I imagined. YEAHHH.
I once fingerbanged a girl on the dancefloor in a Key West bar to your music. No question, just thanks. DID U WASH YOUR HANDS.
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2014.02.18 21:53 emelianenko List of Asian-American podcasts

Here is a list of active podcasts hosted by Asian Amercans:
-DVDASA w/David Choe & Asa Akira
-Out of the Box w/Rosie Tran (stand-up comedian Rosie Tran interviews individuals from a variety of professions including directors, writers, an adult actress, and other comedians such as Aiko Tanaka and Yoshi Obayashi)
-Sound and Fury w/Phil Yu (Phil from the blog "Angry Asian Man," interviews Asian-Americans such as Steven Yuen, Dante Basco, and Lynn Chen)
-Quarter-Life Crisis w/Brenda Wong (discusses subjects pertinent to people in their 20's such as being unemployed after college, dating, and having to move back in with parents)
-2 Asians 1 Bar (just released their 1st episode. "Podcast about random stuff...but mostly, we'll talk about weightlifting)
-Yoshi Didn't w/Yoshi Obayashi (Stand-up comedian and former member of podcasts Koreans Gone Bad and DVDASA, interviews comedians such as Ari Shaffir, Brian Redban from the Joe Rogan Experience, adult actresses, David Choe, and Andy Milonakis)
Please add more names of active podcasts.
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2013.10.17 20:56 tabledresser [Table] IAmA: I am Tom Green and my AMA starts now!

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Date: 2013-10-17
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Questions Answers
Do you actually enjoy sausages? Daddy would you like some sausages!! Yes I love them. With Maple Syrup cause I'm Canadian!! FYI you are my first reddit AMA response. First!
Let the adventure begin. In all honesty, I really enjoy your work, it's funny as shit. Your ability to freestyle is off the charts as well. Thanks! I love hip hop. Word up home boy!
This is great, thank you for coming on here and doing this. I just wanted to ask, was that incident with Jesse Dupree and the chainsaw set up? Or was all that ripping on him afterwards real? The tricky part about answering this, is that it is a bit of both. It was totally not set up. And was I mad, yes and no. I was mad that he wrecked my desk, but I was happy that he gave me an excuse to get mad at my guest on TV. I am always nice to my guests. But I love it when things go wrong on television. So I was kind of playing the character of the angry TV host. Because it is funny watching somebody get mad. People don't understand what happened there and give me some grief about it, saying that I should have just let him cut the desk and smiled. But the thing is, that would not have been nearly as funny.
Where are you going today, sir? Are you going to the Parliament Buildings? I don't think it's any of your damned business where I am going. Do I ask you where you are going?!!
Hey, Tom... Did you really surprise your dad with a "Where is my dinner, bitch?" statue or was he in on it from the beginning? My parents were never in on any of the pranks. He was pissed off.
My fat friend scott wants to know what its like to have one testicle? Only if he tells me what it is like to be fat.
It fucking sucks. I don't worry about having one testicle. It works. I had cancer, and I am happy to be alive!
How do you feel about the current state of MTV? MTV did me the biggest solid ever by picking up my show from public access TV and putting us on the air. So I love MTV. As far as currently, I don't really watch much TV. I think it is more for younger people. I'm 42 years old now and am more into old school talk shows and the news.
Do you remember Clone High? I remember it, and I remember you on it. Thoughts? I love that show! I'm an albatross! Basically improvised all of those lines and had a blast!
Austin... Austin, Massachusetts? I thought you said Boston.
So how many royalties did you receive for creating planking? Zip, zero, nada. :)
Tom! Thank you for doing this AMA. Just wanted to say the clip from the Tom Green Show where you go to a subway and continuously order toppings for the sandwich is pure gold. How did you come up with these ideas? Thank you for your randomness. The funny thing about the sandwich bit, is it is only getting recognized now on Youtube. It was basically a throwaway bit that many people never saw until now. We actually used to do that when we were kids. Skating and hungry we would get three meals for the price of one by simply piling on tomatoes and pickles forever. Watch all the old bits on
I currently drive a convertible Chrysler Lebaron, does this make you feel jealous? Yes! Where's my Lebaron!! :)
What was it like working with Adam, Blake, and Anders for your episode in Workaholics? Any behind the scene stories? Thanks for the AMA. Those guys are completely hilarious. We had a great night out after our panel we did together at Comicon. Many beers were had.
Do you regret any of the things you did on your MTV show? I have no regrets about any of the comedy on MTV. You have to keep in mind that we were always challenging ourselves to come up with something completely ridiculous. Love it all.
What show are you most proud of? I suppose I am most proud of the fact that I am still here working in comedy and doing what I love. In life there are a lot of forces that can try to bring you down, but if you stick to your vision and keep at it, you will find success.
Out of all the spots of yours I watched in University back in the late 90's, the one where you painted your parents house plaid has to be the masterpiece. How much in the 'know' were you parents on some of those pranks, and did they ever find them amusing in retrospect? My parents were never informed of anything. They were never paid to do the show. They never shot promos for the network. They were just living their lives and we would show up and prank them. This was before anyone had seen anything like this on TV so it was a much different reaction from people watching back then. People freaked out!
Is there a plan for any Tom Green Show DVD release? ebay only has vhs stuff! They still make DVD's?? Watch on - It's all there.
What is the most unusual thing you saw while performing at the gathering of the Juggaloes? Tila Tequila getting pelted with rocks. It was scary.
The first time I watched freddy got fingered I almost died of laughter, so thanks for that one there Tom. are you ticklish? Where? I love how much people love Freddy Got Fingered. I think that movie made me realize how much the media gets the story wrong. Everywhere I go people tell me how much they love that movie. Lobby your congressman!! Freddy Got Fingered rules.
I loved you in Charlie Angels and I gotta know how is the Chad ? I am The Chad. :)
How in the hell did you ever manage to fuck with people the way you did without laughing? I would've gone into uncontrolled laughter within 15 seconds if I tried most of the things you pulled. We shot video for many many years. When I would edit the videos and see myself cracking up it ruined the bit. So I got good at keeping a straight face. Practice.
Your character in "Stealing Harvard" had a BADASS framed postepainting of an 18-Wheeler with LEDs where it's real lights would be. I've searched the bigger truck stops across America and have yet to find it, where can I get one? I still have it. It's here in my studio. I want to keep it though.
Tom, What have you been up to lately? Are you still skating at all? Cheers, S. I am skating today on air with Tony Hawk on AXS TV. Well, at least we will be talking about skating. And you can call him on Skype!
Do you like Breaking Bad? That's my favorite show in years.
Hey Tom, just wanted to say i used to love watching Tom Green's House Tonight back in like 06/07. i used to stay up late watching you fucking around with callers and sometimes you would just be randomly on air in the middle of the night crawling around on your floor saying random shit in the mic. also, did you ever actually do a barrel roll? We are going to begin streaming webovision to again from the new Tom Green Studios. Make sure you watch the live show tonight on AXS TV. It will bring you back to the old webovision days.
Will your talk show eventually evolve into a series of short guttural spurts followed by even briefer guttural spats? Urg, ugh, argh, ooohhh... Yes.
Hello Mr. Green, What are you feelings on the work of Jon Lajoie? I think he is friggin hilarious!!
Where can I get Tom Green Milk Stout in the U.S.? It will be getting released in the new year in the US. But check out the brewery online at
Will you be my friend? Hello friend. :)
Tom what is your favourite thing about being you? I do love making these crazy TV shows and being creative. It's fun!
Hey Tom. I was wondering if you could tell me what my bum is on right now? My bum is on the chair.
If you were made king of America, what would you do? I would make Ice Cream free on Wednesdays.
Are you the backwards man? I can walk backwards fast as you can.
Being Canadian and all that entails, do you remember a show the CBC used to show in the early mornings called "The Friendly Giant"? Yes I love that show. i watch it on Youtube sometimes.
How many times did you get punched in the face while making the Tom green show? Never. I am a really fast runner!
Tom, You were able to take something as scary as testicular cancer and channel it into a positive through your comedy. I was wondering if you've had a chance to hear Tig Notaro's similar approach on it. I found an article about it where they were interviewing Louis C.K. who was in the audience that day and found her set that night to be one of the most powerful things he's seen in standup. If you've had the chance to heasee it, would you mind commenting on this approach of tackling such a difficult subject and turning it into a creative outlet? EDIT: NPR Link I did not see that. But I can say that when I talk about my cancer on stage, doing standup, it is a cathartic experience. And it is important to be honest and talk about things that matter, even dark and scary things. The special that we shot about my cancer helped a lot of people. Early detection is the key to survival. So if you ever feel sick, or that something may be wrong with your body. Go to the doctor, don't be afraid. It could save your life.
Which celebrity, alive or dead, would you punch in the face given the chance? Alexander Graham Bell.
I saw an interview where you rapped with Xzibit. How did you get into the music business earlier in your career. What happened? Edit: Here's a link to the video. Thanks Tom for responding. Good luck with the new show. I just started making music. I worked summer jobs to buy drum machines and keyboards and I recorded music. We played live around Ottawa Canada and then started touring.
Hi Tom! Thanks for doing this. I really enjoy your work and I'm curious to know what comedians inspire you the most? Also, what's the best movie you've seen recently? I am most inspired by George Carlin. I haven't seen any movies recently. I don't really go to the movies that much. I watched Escape From LA on Netflix recently. That was rad.
Loved your live talk show at your house, how did you get involved with Neil Hamburger? Poolside Chats was classic. Do you still ever fuck with that guy? I am good pals with Neil Hamburger! He's hilarious, one of my favorites. Watch for him on the webovision soon, I hoe to have him back ASAP.
I just watched your stand up on Netflix. It was hilarious. What made you want to do stand up after years of television? P.s. Hooves! Clippty Clop! Clippty Clop. I still do this when I see a hooved animal. I have been loving doing stand up! I shot my first stand up special after touring and writing for only one year. I'm glad you got to watch it. I have been touring now non stop for about 5 years and am loving it. If you want to see some more current sets, there are some nice videos on my youtube channel... Go watch! And come see me live on the road!
Tom! Longtime fan. My favourite bit of yours is when you dressed as a mall security guard and escorted that Asian guy in the tub on wheels to his car. Since high school my friends have referred to me as Pinchi - because that's what we think the guy's name was. The nickname stuck, and unfortunately I have been searching for that skit to show to my husband, to no avail. Will we ever see that one again, and was that guy's name really Pinchi?! HELP ME SOLVE THIS VEXING MYSTERY!!! It;s in a box somewhere. I will look for it!
I started watching you back in the Rogers Cable days - had never seen anything like it on TV. Are there any plans to release the old cable-access shows on DVD? DVD is dead. Watch on - Everything will show up there eventually.
How has the experience been for you to still produce programming through your own direction using your own webpage, YouTube etc...? I love this time we are in. I love independent media. Really excited about what the future holds for my new show and all the fun stuff we are putting out!
My bum is on the Swedish, will the show be available for streaming internationally? Also get Andy Milonakis on your show, the weird humour between you guys is great. Love Andy Milonakis. He is the best. We will definitely be having him on the show and the podcast.
Buckets or boxes ? Buckets!
, any plans to come to Perth Australia? If you do, I promise to cook you a proper barbie on our sunset coast :0) Were you there the last 2 times I came to Perth Australia? Had some great shows there!
My goodness, I have been struggling with post cancer treatment/ recovery & trying to get through uni, so the last few years kind of haven't happened in my brain... Homicidal boob. Grrr so kind of nope Stay strong. Recovery from cancer can be hard. It was a long and difficult journey for me for over 10 years I dealt with serious pain and complications. But try to stay positive and know that if you fight through it, things can get better!!
Hey Mr. Green! When are we going to be able to see Prankstar? Did you dismantle the National Webovision studio? Thank you for explaining "chewing" with Phil Giroux, it has greatly enhanced my life. We are rebuilding the national webovision studio now at Tom Green Studios in Los Angeles. No longer in my living room we will be web streaming and podcasting starting next week promoting the new TV show on AXS TV and generally just goofing off. Tune in, and watch on twitter for updates @tomgreenlive.
Tom Green. Don't know if you're still here answering questions, sadly I was in a job interview right at 1est. Being unemployed sucks. Anyway, all of my friends think I'm crazy because I say you're the funniest man alive. My wife actually brought me to your stand up tour 2 years ago, the show in Providence the day before you recorded the Showtime special in Boston. I was in the front row, and you screamed in my face. It was amazing. I guess the only question I have, is what happened to the 10 year anniversary directors cut of Freddy Got Fingered? Keep being fucking hilarious. The studio didn't give me the footage to make the directors cut. I want to do it. If you contact New Regency or 20th Century Fox and tell them you want a directors cut maybe it will happen!
Did you write the Salmon song? Or was that the writers of the movie. I loved your performance of it either way. I wrote The Salmon Song on a napkin in my trailer, 20 minutes before we shot the scene.
So are your parents still pissed at you for what you did to them back then? Like making a statue about your dad beating your mom? No they are not mad anymore. They are overjoyed that I found success doing what I love. They are also glad I don't ask them for money anymore.
What do you think about Battletoads? What is it?
How was it to be in Charlie's Angels? I just love when you sing Brandy. Cracks me up every time. It was fun. Had a great time being in it.
Can you tell us a little about how MTV came to pick up The Tom Green Show? Were you nervous to go from The Comedy Network to a much larger audience who would inevitably be more judgmental of the things you did? It wasn't really like that. In fact, when the show hit MTV it was immediately embraced by the public. It was very exciting moving to New York and a dream come true to me on TV. The comedy network in Canada was the first network to show finical support for The Tom Green Show, Rogers Cable gave us the studio and the place to grow, but MTV took everything to the next level.
Thanks for the response! I grew up on the Tom Green show, so I'm obviously awesome and a little weird now. Thanks for that. Truly. Keep being weird. Be yourself. And don't listen to the haters. Keep it real.
How do you feel about The Office no longer being available on Hulu Plus? I have never watched either.
Are you still enemy with mancow? I was never an enemy with Mancow. Bad info you go there. I was on his show this week! We are pals!
I'm currently pooping as I type this. My question is: What kind of beer should I buy for the weekend? (I'm Canadian as well) Buy The Tom Green Beer!
Was there any tension after you schooled xzibit in that freestyle battle from your late night show? It wasn't a battle. We were just rapping. We had a great time. It was the internet that decided to call it a battle. It wasn't a battle.
Yeah I shouldn't of put it that way. I knew it wasn't a battle. Just wondered if he was cool about being sort of one up'd by you after the cameras were off or if he took it personal. Anyway thanks for the response. I don't think I rapped any better than he did. We were just having fun.
Hey Tom! Silly question: How's life with one testicle? Serious question: When creating Freddy Got Fingered were you trying to make a surreal movie or were you just doing whatever the hell you wanted to do? Both!
YES! I will be recording the episode tonight! Followed by the steve-o comedy show. What can we expect from your new show? Expect great interviews with hilarious people. I want to get my guests talking about things they have never discussed on TV before. I like asking questions, and I love listening to people. I'm a huge fan of comedy so expect some great comedy legends on the show.
Did you have any ill thoughts towards Eminem after The Real Slim Shaddy? I thought it was awesome. I love that song. He let us use it in Freddy Got Fingered. Obviously I was stoked, I put it in the credit roll of Freddy!!
Was a sophomore in college when Freddy released. The girl wanted to go see it; she was a big fan of your work. Unfortunately, the horse scene bothered her a bit too much and she asked if we could leave. Missed out on that credit roll, but it's awesome to hear you used the song! We purposely put scenes in Freddy that would make boring people leave.
Since your Canadian, whats you favorite hockey team? Phoenix Coyotes!! And Ottawa Senators!!
What was it like working with Rip Torn? Is he as crazy as the stories go? He was hilarious and a great guy. But still a tough guy. Much like the characters he portrays.
Funniest moment with another celebrity? I had drinks and dinner with Prince Charles once. Nothing funny happened. But just the fact that it happened, was really funny to me.
Was the Racky Racoon stunt real? did someone actually reach inside to answer the phone? did you actually have a cruise prize in case he won? There was no cruise. Lucky he didn't answer the phone.
How can I watch you in Europe? I'm planning a vacation next summer. Just come stand beside me and look at me.
Tom, when you humped that moose, that was near Quesnel BC, wasn't it? The British guy you had on camera during that had only been in the country a week and is an old friend. I grew up in that area. Hilarious! Say hello. Yes we were driving from Whistler to Prince George BC when we encountered the infamous dead moose.
I think you're hilarious. What do you think of Tim Heidecker from Tim and Eric? Tim and Eric are amazing. I think they are so fucking hilarious.
Tom, I was talking to a friend the other day that I haven't heard of any movies from you in quite a long time. Of course I don't pay attention to television very much. Are you still making movies? Also do you like Toast? I never focused on making movies, other than Freddy Got Fingered. I'm more interested in television. When my show was on MTV I got a bunch of movie offers, so I did them. But I really prefer doing TV and do not pursue films. If the new TV show blows up, and I get more movie offers, I will do them. But I don't go out trying to get into movies.
What makes you laugh? Are you ticklish? If so where and do you have ticklish feet? I have ticklish feet. When my feet are tickled it is about the only thing that makes me laugh.
Hey Tom, I was flipping through last night and saw your interview with Howie Mandel. I have to say I really enjoyed your calm, genuine demeanor while talking to someone as... energetic as Howie. I'll make sure to keep tuning in! Do you have any funny stories about shooting Road Trip? What do mice taste like? I have an approach to interviewing which I like to call "straight and zany" You will often see me play the straight man to offset my zany interview subject.
Hey Tom! Love your style of comedy. Very unique, and hilarious! So have you seen or talked to Jessie James Dupree since the desk/chainsaw show? It seemed you were pretty upset and he just kind of laughed at how upset you were. Is there still a tension there? No tension. It's one of my favorite things to have happened on that show. Love it.
You hear that? That's the sound of model making. Ha. Cow Brain Boat!
One of my favorites parts of your career (!) is when you go on the boat trip and in one moment you have a fish in your hands that you trow through the boat to the ocean... and in that moment you say "Fishyy!". I don't know why. I just love how you say "Fishy". Can you say "Fishy" to me, please? Fishy! FishyyyY!
Is Andrew dice clay, dice all the time? I like your stand up, was it pretty natural for you to start doing it? Dice is the man! He is a good friend and will be on my show on AXSTV in a few weeks. You will get to see the real Dice.
What cheese do you recommend on a chicken sandwich while drinking your awesome Tom Green Beer?? Cheddar cheese!
Are you planning in do something similar to Subway Monkey Hour? Is one of the most funny things that I saw in my life. Really in the top top with some Woody Allen movies and Marx brothers movies. You are too kind.
What does the salmon say? And why the those pricks steal your idea? Salmon its way better than fox. Rock on!
Whatever happened to Prankstar? Has it just gone away? My Top Secret Movie!! ;)
Thanks for making Piggy Hill! It was hilarious! I recently thought of it and decided to look it up. Timeless classic! The Bum bum song was part of my childhood as well. I'm gonna throw the piggy down the hill!!!
How many dead moose's have you humped. One!
Tom MF Green, your theme song "the bum song" was significant part of my childhood. That is all. My Bum is on the cheese!!
I would just like to let you know that "The Bum Bum Song" was the first song i EVER downloaded. on napster too. also, thanks for helping young me shape my sense of humor. It was the first song in history to be downloaded over a million times. The Bum Bum Song!
Tom! I caught your podcast appearance with Norm MacDonald. Amazing episode, and I thought you two had a great back and forth together. I assume the Canadian bond was strong between you two. Thanks for the laughs. Norm is awesome. I was a huge fan of his when I was growing up, and still am. He always supported my web show and is one of the great stand up comics ever. Go see him live if you ever get a chance.
Tom, I've waited my whole life to ask you this one questi- pastic bag plastic bag plastic bag... Plastic bag! Plastic bag!!
Freddy Got Fingered is a comedic masterpiece. Please tell me some of the subtextual societal criticism so that I can convince people it is an intelligent film. The people that do not get the movie will never be your friend.
Hey Tom, huge fan. I don't have a question but in my opinion, you started the horse head mask fad. Thanks. I noticed those popping up a lot lately.
No real question. I just wanted to tell you that the segment on your show where you tell Glenn how to deal with your dead body has always been one of my favorite moments on television. If you would just say hi to me I would be so, so happy. Hi! I'm glad we never had to finish that idea. I am not dead!
Hi Tom, just wanted to say you're a comedic genius and your Undercutter's Pizza bit absolutely killed me. Keep on keeping on! Rock on!
Road Trip was awesome. You're newer YouTube stuff is great, and your latest standup you published was hilarious. Thank you! Make sure you watch the new show tonight on AXS TV! We have Tony Hawk as our guest. All broadcasting from my new studio in LA. We are going to have some fun here this year!!
How many parents freaked out about Bob the Butler. I love that movie. Fun for kids!
About that dead moose... What about it!?
What was it like working with Jesse and Jeana from PrankvPrank. They are so cool! Love their channel. Prank VS. Prank!!
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Did the andy milonakis show get you hella laid? The vaginal opportunities were multiplied by a large number...yes.
What do you think of Miley Cyrus? Shes chill, I smoked a joint with her.
Would you agree that "I'm clean and dope like heroin soap" is your best line thus far? I like it, it's one of my favorites. My twitter bio is probably better though "rappers used to be notorious and now they're no Biggie"
Andy! can you bust out a rap for reddit!? I guess I can bust a rap for reddit cuz if it sucks I can re-edit, go back and time and make the rhyme much tighter, but I don't have to cuz I'm an ill writer. Fuck this A-M-A I need to hop in a Phantom, eat some hookers out till they throw a tantrum...make them cum in the backseat while I bump Backstreet, I only pack heat, like De Niro, I'm an internet hero, makin panties wet cuz I'm an internet vet...I wanna fuck Acid Burn, leave that pussy dead in an Urn, these bitches never learn.
Favorite part about working with dirt and Riff Raff? Free drugs.
What movie are you embarrassed to be a part of? Every movie besides Waiting haha.
Do you still eat pancakes with Hyrup? Where's Ralphie at these days? If they made a third "Waiting" movie would you be in it? I don't know where Ralphie is, I miss him. I would do a third waiting, why not, but this time I would want to graduate and be a cook so I could put my balls on food.
Can we hang out? Only if it happens naturally
What is the craziest thing you have done with another celeb? I smoked weed out of a pepsi can with Quentin Tarrintino.
I saw you walking in Little Tokyo once and wanted to show some love. Is this normally a good idea or do you like to be left alone? I'm always really nice to my fans and it's not fun for me every time but I make sure I'm nice and always take a picture and treat everyone with respect.
What is Lil B the Based God like in person? Very sweet dude, I took him and his manager out to lunch, they were really cool. I asked Lil B if he wanted anything in the studio, and he just asked for some bud, so I brought a bag of some kind OG Kush..we made the song at Dirt's house to Dirt's beat and made the video in the same day.
What did you do for work before The Andy Milonakis Show? I worked on Jimmy Kimmel live and then before that I was a network admin for an accounting firm in NYC.
How did voicing NEPTR come about? Penn Ward asked me to be on his show on Twitter. It was such a G way to ask someone to be on a real show. I saw his pilot and said yes immediately
How rich are you? Extremely rich, emotionally.
I've seen you post some fucked up as shit tweets (but funny as fuck nonetheless) only to see you come off as 'offended' when someone insults you in a very, at least in my eyes, mild way. Do people really get to you over twitter when they insult you? No, not normally. When I respond to someone insulting me and I diss them back, I don't do it because I'm super offended, I do it because it gives me a creative way of writing some funny shit to say back to them. People misread that as my being offended, when I just think it's fun to talk shit back.
Exactly who are you? I'm an alien pimp from the future that creates ill rhymes and strange comedy.
Any new Three Loco material coming soon? Yes, we're working on something really big but can't talk about it yet.
Does Nicholas Megalis have bed breath? He looks like he might be one of those people who does, but no one ever tells him so he just lives his life with bad breath. Nah, he's a chill dude. very minty breath.
If you had to force your entire life philosophy into a single sentence, what would it be? Regret is a waste of time and never stop pushing the limits of your open-mindedness
How do people usually react to your actual age? People are annoying and pushy...Even if I shrug it off and tell them that it's annoying, they still continue to push...Not a lot of people are really cool, biggest problem with going out is dealing with idiots.
How did Three Loco come to be? How did you meet Riff Raff and Dirt Nasty? Dirt saw Riff on youtube and Riff put his number out there like Mike Jones, so we called him up and started making videos with him...then we formed like Voltron
Does twin steven try to have sex with you? if so whos on the bottom and whos on top? He's not my type, cuz he has a weewee.
How did the Andy Milonakis Show start? Kimmel hired me to do bits for his late night show and then saw potential in making my own show so he sat me down with MTV.
I loved waiting, very much a happy movie for me. Is that really what you were like as a teenager or is it all part of a bigger stage persona? Either way brilliant film, hilarious part played by you. I started smoking weed at an early age, and I started drinking 40's at probably 14 or 15, so yeah, that was pretty much what I was like...I also worked as a busboy. Damn, that was my life.
On average how much do you pay for strippers? 0, I actually got a free lap dance from a really hot stripper once because I told her if she guessed my age within 5 years I will pay her double, if not I get a free lapdance. She lost. It was extra hot cuz it was free haha.
Do you miss the Andy Milonakis Show? And was hotbox with Dumbfounded as fun as it sounds? I miss it I guess. Dumbfounded is dope, yeah it was fun.
Do you feel your condition had been exploited by others? Or is it something you simply embrace? I get away with murder, it inspires me to act crazy in public...some people in Hollywood might try to exploit it, but who cares.
Andy, what are the best AND worst parts about being famous? Best part is freedom and having awesome fans, worst part is being bothered by annoying people who don't understand respect.
What's your favourite vine that you made? I like breaking dishes and piss people off by making lazy vines.
What was it like working with Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Lion on Mac and Devin go to high school? Both really cool. Me and Snoop rolled a joint in the class room while security was waiting outside, then we went behind the locker to smoke real life we were acting like we were badass high schoolers hahah.
Can you rap over my beat? Probably not, but you never know.
Dear Mr. Alien pimp from the future that creates ill rhymes and strange comedy, Have you ever seen a baby pigeon? If not, then what is your favorite pizza topping? I like black olives and pepperonchinis (spell check)
Serious question: On average, how many titty pics do you receive a week? It depends if it's a week when I put my email on twitter or not. I get enough.
What's it like working with Riff Raff and Dirt Nasty? Riff Raff is bouncing off walls like a super human, and Dirt is circling around like an advanced jew...and I'm sitting in a corner like a weird meditative greek.
Are you going make a season 3 of The Andy Milonakis Show? I did, it's on itunes.
What does Riff Raff smell like? Baby sunflowers.
How bummed are you about all this talk of radiation in the bluefin tuna? IT'S MESSING WITH MY SUSHI. Very bummed...I'm staying away from sushi for now but...FUCK.
You still good friends with Ralphie from The Andy Milonakis Show? I don't ever see Ralphie but I love him. no problem.
When Diplo asked to rap on "We Are Farmers", were any of you like "uh, are you sure that's a good idea?" Haha.
Have you ever shot a music video with your parents? No but I put my dad in some youtube videos, because he's a funny Greek.
Do you miss doing the show, or possibly the exact opposite, do you possibly want to distance yourself from the show? I miss doing "A" show but not that show, it was a lot of hard work and after 3 years of it, I felt like that was amount of time for doing the same type of thing over and over...I definitely want to work on new tv stuff but that one was the perfect amount...A lot of people don't realize how hard it is to get a TV show but you can work on tv pilots for years and not get any picked up. I was lucky to have my first attempt picked up...god bless Jimmy Kimmel and MTV for giving me a shot.
What is your drug of choice? Does alcohol count? Weed is nice but I have been slacking on my weed skills...I also am very careful but once in awhile a Norco is pretty nice.
Can you acknowledge my existence? Sure.
Dude, why are you a Lee-head? Sorry.
Hey Andy, big fan of Three Loco. Any chance you guy swill come to the UK at some point? P.s. the old peanutbutter takeaway skit was fucking golden. I would love to come to the UK...hopefully we'll get some international bookings soon. I want to try real fish n chips...the american stuff probably pales in comparison
What was your favorite sketch from your tv show? Spoons.
How does one go about making beef stew out of lemons? You have to use your imagination.
Any plans to return to TV? Yes. Definitely
Were you ever bullied in high school? I imagine there would be at least some extra attention because of your condition. Not really, I had a lot of black friends haha.
If you put some cheese on your head, can I call you a cheesehead? No.
Andy! I am one of your biggest fans. I ESPECIALLY love your Vines! Do you make your Vines up on the spot? How's being friends with Marlo Meekins? Thanks so much for doing this! You rock! Marlo is awesome. I make vines on the spot, I think there is a nice payoff sometimes when you think things out but it makes me just want to put less effort into it, and be like fuck it, whatever is on my head, I'll just spend 2 seconds on and vine it. It's more natural and less punch liney.
You went to my high school, John Jay High School in Cross River, and to this day kids top by the main office to look in the old yearbook for your pictures. I never did it myself but I never had reason to doubt its factuality. Can you confirm? Who was your favorite teacher that might still be around? I confirm it. I went there. I'm not sure who my favorite teacher was, I never went to class, that's why i dropped out.
How is/was hanging out with Nicholas Megalis? Any drugs involved? He's a really dope dude...I forget, I don't think drugs were involved.
Any rapper or producer you really wanna work with that you haven't yet? I'd like to sip lean with lil wayne and make a chopped & screwed track with him hah.
When you coming back to seaside hts nj? Not sure, it's nostalgic to my whole family so sometimes i go back.
Are you a better rapper than Lil B? Yes.
Are you upset with Hollywood with their recent fascination with Abraham Lincoln? We all know you started it with Karate Lincoln! Exactly.
What motivates you to keep doing what you do? What's it like working with riff and dirt nasty?..also, your vines are funny as fuck. Sometime it's pure passion, and sometimes, it's the fact that I want to continue making a living off of being creative...
How may I tickle your fancy? Foot massage.
What was it like working with Nick Kroll, that clever Jew. How'd you hook up with that guy to get on the show, or did he approach you? He's really cool, I've known him from UCB in NY, which is where I took improv classes.
How often do you get denied going into bars/clubs with age restrictions because of your appearance? And how do people react when they learn your real age? I usually don't get ID'd but when i do, they don't give me a problem.
Which one's worse; an idiot-jerk or a jerk-idiot? Jerk-idiot is extra bad.
Is this really your cousingetting the shit knocked out of her? If so, how do you feel about her gallivanting around town sullying your good name? Nope, don't know her.
Are you planning on doing anything big soon? Like a new tv show or a movie? I remember my brother didn't let me watch the Andy Milonakis show because he thought I was too young when it was on, but I use to sneak into the tv room and watch it without him realizing. Planning something really big but can't announce it.
Thanks so much for doing an AMA! Do you have a favorite tv show you hate to miss? Game Of Thrones is the best TV show of all time.
Why aren't you and Jimmy Kimmel friends anymore? We are, he's really busy but he's very loyal. still my homie.
Have you kicked it with loiter squad? I met Tyler and Jasper, I don't kick it with them tho.
Will we ever see more of Cup-eye (AKA Cuppy) Or Dr. Curly? Maybe, those are some of my favorites.
Does chocolate water still make your dick hard? Always.
Me and my ex-girlfriend used to use your name as our safeword, just to let you know. Haha dope.
Will you come to my birthday party. Yeah just send me 20K.
Man, the theme tune to your show has been stuck in my head for like the last 6 years Dope, it worked.
Will you be my friend if i pay you Probably haha.
I remember I once crushed the spirit of two pre-teen girls wanting to catch the new episode of Degrassi by claiming the remote, switching it to The Andy Milonakis Show and chuckling to the beat of Slim Jim Dolly. No question, just reminiscing. Good luck with everything you're up to nowadays man. Haha sweet.
Good guy Andy Milonakis responds to every comment in his AMA. Yeah thanks unless i answered it already or its rude.
I always wonder if your own drugs, or not, or if its part of the comedy act. Depends what you think drugs not always completely clear headed but I don't do hard drugs.
Glad to see you on here. I met you 4 or 5 years ago at Geisha house in hollywood smoking a joint in the corner. I bet you 20 bucks you wouldnt go slap Wilmer Valderrama in the face. You did and I lost 20 bucks. Hahah.
Where do your vines come from. God's weewee.
The hmelly eggs skit in your show has made my life significantly better. Thank you for that, and for doing this AMA. Thanks, it was based on my old childhood friend.
I'm remembering a skit from The Andy Milanakis show where you duct taped yourself to a chair and had the pizza guy come over or something along those lines. What's the funnest part of having someone in that circumstance, them not knowing wtf is going on. Their reaction, definitely.
Where's wubby. In my dreams.
I was a jerk to you on twitter once, I'm sorry about that, I've grown up a bit since. Neato is a dope song and you do have a talent for writing bars. Based God loves you. Thanks, it takes a big man to admit that they're wrong.
Andy, I loved "We Are Farmers", and I was able to download it before all the videos/downloads got taken down. I just want to say that all of my friends are jealous because I am not sharing the song with them. Haha share it with them, don't be a dick.
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